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Zora Lancaster
Zora in season 3
Gender Female
Age 12-13 (Season 1)

13-14 (Season 2)
14-15 (Season 3)
15-16 (So Random)

Birthday August 20, 1996 (25)
Hometown Portland, Oregon
Profession Actress, Comedian, Host
Family & Friends
Siblings Unnamed Brother
Friends Tawni Hart
Nico Harris
Grady Mitchell
Sonny Munroe
Chad Dylan Cooper (frenemy)
Frenemies Chad Dylan Cooper
Enemies Dakota Condor
Marta Balatico
Ryan Loughlin
Vicki Sickowitz
Pet(s) Bernie the snake
Production Information
First appearance "Sketchy Beginnings"
Last appearance Sonny with a choice
Portrayed by Allisyn Ashley Arm

"Sweet! I'm no longer the weird one!"
------— Zora Lancaster, upon Sonny's arrival, "Sketchy Beginnings"

Zora Lancaster, at 13 years old, is the youngest, smallest, and most intelligent member of the So Random! cast. Zora has a photographic memory and a near genius IQ. She is considered the craziest cast member of So Random!.


Zora is quickly labeled "the weird one", and it usually stands true. Quirky as she may, she is also childish, she's also been seen to have some brains in her head. She uses those brains to get even with other cast members. More than her fellow cast members, certainly. She opts to work in the background mostly, but when she is in front she makes her presence known - showing she's not shy in the least, but rather she chooses to keep her actions under wraps. She can play the violin and is often in the valve in Sonny and Tawni's dressing room, mostly stemming from her claustrophilia (love of confined spaces) which was also demonstrated in High School Miserable where Zora was amused seeing Martha shove a girl into a book locker. Zora is shown to be a very sneaky girl, but a little caring. She is part of the Blossom Scouts, and puts her knowledge of first aid into action, she's not above using manipulation to encourage people to buy her cookies. Zora hates Dakota and always calls her evil and attempts to fight her. Zora also host a celebrity prank show called "Celebrity Practical Joke'D". She successfully pranked Chad by glueing his feet to the floor, fulling his convertible with elephant manure and glueing his face to the window. She fell in love in the episode "Sonny With a 100% Chance of Meddling". She used to be a fan of MacKenzie Falls. In the episode "Sonny With a Grant" Zora was absent because she went home to Portland, Oregon which shows she was born there before she came to California to arrive at So Random!

Zora often dresses up in fun and unusual clothing.





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So Random!


Comedy Show, Main Role

2009-present Prank'd


Prank Show, Host

2009 Chad Dylan Cooper: The Chad Dylan Cooper Story


Drama Film, Lead Role


Gassie and We


Film, Main Role


Zora often gives that cunning smile

Sketch Characters in Sonny With a Chance

Zora appears the least in the sketches of all cast members of So Random!. *Toilet was a toilet in an unseen "Barf Sketch" mentioned in the season one episode, "Sketchy Beginnings"



Holloway is a ten-year-old that Zora was apparently dating before the episode "Promises, Prom-misses". They have since broken up.

Wesley Williger

Wesley was a guest star on MacKenzie Falls in the episode "Sonny With a 100 Percent Chance of Meddling". Zora is unsure at first whether or not she actually wants to go on a date with Wesley, but due to Sonny's meddling and pressure from her cast mates, she ends up going on date with him. After their date, Zora refers to him as her boyfriend, until she realizes that he only went on a date with her because of a misunderstanding between him and Sonny. At the end of the episode, Zora and Wesley are broken up and she has decided she wants to wait on romance for a while.Wesley so has only appeared in one episode.


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  • Zora has been the character that has had the most absences on Sonny With a Chance. She was absent for eight episodes in the first season and thirteen episodes in the second season, which is a total of twenty-one absences.
  • A recurring gag is that Zora always seems to appear out of nowhere in the prop room via the sarcophagus.
  • Zora is one of the four main characters who don't have brown eyes. The others are Grady, Chad and Tawni.