West Coast Story
West Coast Story
Series Sonny With a Chance
Season 1
Episode number 2
Airdate February 8, 2009
Written by Steve Marmel
Michael Feldman
Directed by David Trainer
Prod. code 104
Guest starring Jillian Murray
# US viewers upon premiere 4.0 million
Episode chronology
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"Sketchy Beginnings" "Sonny at the Falls"
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"West Coast Story" is the second episode of Sonny With a Chance. It premiered on February 8, 2009.


02 tweenchoiceawards

Chad receiving his award and insulting the cast of So Random!

02 chaddylancooper
02 sonnybargesinthemackfallsset

Chad charming Sonny on the Mackenzie Falls set.

02 musicalchairs

So Random! and Mackenzie Falls play a game of musical chairs.

Sonny meets Chad Dylan Cooper, the star of the number one tween show MacKenzie Falls, during a fro-yo (frozen yorgurt) run for her cast mates. Chad mistakes Sonny for a waitress due to her costume, and steals her yogurt under the guise of giving her his autograph. Upon returning to the Prop House with the melted yogurt, cold burritos and 12 AAA batteries, different from what her cast mates have requested, Sonny learns that MacKenzie Falls and So Random! are rivals, due to a Tween Choice Award interview with Chad Dylan Cooper mocking So Random!. Tawni reveals that the So Random! eventually stole their parking spot and their Tween Choice Award (which they use as a toilet paper holder as revenge).

When Sonny goes over to Mackenzie Falls to confront Chad, Chad distracts her by taking her hand and looking deep into her eyes and giving her a very heartful speech, this is where Sonny first starts to fall for Chad.

In an attempt to end the rivalry between the two shows, Sonny invites the cast from MacKenzie Falls to a so-called "peace picnic." Instead of promoting peace between the two shows, the feud becomes worse when the cast members of MacKenzie Falls put glue on the So Random! cast's chairs, take a picture of Grady's butt, throw egg salad on Sonny's face, takes the Tween Choice Award trophy back and post the picture of Grady's butt and the video of Sonny getting hit with an egg salad on the face on the internet. Sonny barges onto the MacKenzie Falls set, only to return to her dressing room. When the rest of the cast of So Random! mocks her and says she didn't get anything, she bluffs and tells them that if they beat the cast of MacKenzie Falls at something, the cast of So Random! will get all of their stuff back.

IMG 0802

Sonny Bawking at Chad

Sonny manages to convince Chad to play musical chairs after barging into the MacKenzie Falls set and bawking at him, with the terms that if the cast of So Random! wins, they get the parking space back, the MacKenzie Falls table, Chad has to buy them a new toilet paper holder and he will have to say something nice about So Random! on MacKenzie Falls; but if the cast of MacKenzie Falls wins, they get to say that MacKenzie Falls is better than So Random! on their show. The So Random! cast is the first to arrive at the commissary and start practicing sitting and walking, until they have to begin due to the arrival of the cast of MacKenzie Falls. Eventually when there is only one chair left between Sonny and Chad, the music stops and Sonny pretends to break her ankle, only to pull Chad down when he attempts to help her up and rush up to sit in the last chair therefore winning the game. Chad, impressed with Sonny's acting, invites her onto his show, but Sonny declines and decides to stay at So Random!. At the end, the So Random! gang is watching MacKenzie Falls. On the show, Chad then says So Random! is his favorite show. The So Random! gang cheer and are pleased to hear this.


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  • This episode marks the first appearance of Sterling Knight as Chad Dylan Cooper.
  • This is the first episode that features the entire main cast.
  • This episode premiered immediately after "Sketchy Beginnings".
  • This was the first episode (with the exception of the original pilot) that was filmed of Sonny With a Chance.
  • This was the first episode filmed in front of a live studio audience.
  • There are unknown MacKenzie Falls cast members in this episode. Some of them appeared in "Sonny at the Falls" and in other episodes.
  • This is the first episode to mention the "Tween Choice Awards." The award show is later mentioned in "Sonny With a Choice."
  • In this episode, the "Tween Choice Award" trophy resembles that of an Emmy, though in "Sonny With a Choice," the trophy is now a large remote.
  • Sonny meets Chad for the first time.
  • When Sonny was using the mirror when the cast ran in her dressing room, It's the same mirror from "Sonny In The Middle" when Sonny has a flashback and gives the mirror to Tawni as a present for her birthday.