Did any of the writers or actually the creator of this show think about how and where you got the names you used? I myself am pretty pissed off that you actually thought that no one, not one person on this earth, could actually have and Oximoron name like Joy Bitterman. Yes, that is my name, and I was given it long before your creator or writers ever thought of using it. l am furious that you are using my name and wish you change it. Kill the character or whatever you need to do to remove Joy Bitterman (born 8/30/57, and use your brain before you use anyone else's name. I just found out this was a show out there. Not sure if it still is, and if so, I need to have a guarrentee that you will never use my name again. It's humiliating enough, having it, and growing up with it, when everyone expects you to be such a happy person, when you reflect from you last name more than your first.  I never had a happy life, and I would never join the military, not that I didn't try, to be characterized as you have written. 

If you do not remove my name from this site, I will seek legal action and demand either retribution for using it, or will do worse, than having it cancelled, if it hasn't canceled already. I will be checking back, to check the updating of this request. I give you as much time in the next 2 months, to have my name stricken from this site.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter

Joy Bitterman, New York.

And yes, this is my maiden name. I did not marry, or get adopted into the family pf Bitterman,  to aquire it, as one other had. There are no others like me and I do not wish for anyone else to be or use my name.  This is considered to be stealing someone's identity.