That's So Sonny
That'ssosonny 2
Chad breaking the news that Amber's fired.
Alternate title(s) That's So Amber
Series Sonny With a Chance
Season 2
Episode number 36
Airdate August 29, 2010
Written by Dava Savel
Directed by Eric Dean Seaton
Prod. code 215
Guest starring Raven-Symoné as Amber Algoode
# US viewers upon premiere 4.0 Million
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"The Problem with Pauly" "Chad Without a Chance"
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"That's So Sonny" is the fifteenth episode of Season 2 of Sonny With a Chance. This episode originally aired August 29, 2010.



"The only thing that fits me is failure."

The episode begins with Chad looking at his Chad-o-meter which tracks the number of fans he currently has on Flitter. Currently he has 800,000 fans and seems content until Sonny enters the room and his true feelings are revealed. He wants a million fans so that he can be considered someone in Hollywood. He begins to yell at his Chad-o-meter, causing the number to drop. And so, Sonny, in an attempt to make him feel better, tells him that she called his fan club president, Amber Algoode, and asked her to help with the problem. Amber arrives in Chad's dressing room in disguise before revealing herself to Chad and Sonny. Amber comes to the conclusion that something is keeping Chad from getting his one million fans and she is determined to find out what it is. When she asks Chad if he has "been chillin' with anyone who could be making [him] less cool", he replies that he "has been spending an unfortunate amount of time with the Randoms". Sonny sticks up for her cast mates, stating that they're "really, really cool.". Amber decides she is going to investigate into the Randoms and see if they are the problem.

In the Prop House, Nico and Grady are walking in with all the different items they bought on sale at "All Things Pool". Nico bought a pool table. And Grady bought a pool. Tawni asks if they know anything about pool or pools. Sonny comes in to warn her cast mates about Amber, but she can already tell that things are not going to go over well. Nico and Grady claim there is no way Amber will hustle them into giving up any information because they are "Slick and Slide".

The scene changes to Amber walking in disguised as a man named "Smooth". She convinces Nico and Grady to play pool with her because she claims that she is very bad at pool, but she does have lots of money. Nico and Grady happily agree to her challenge at the prospect of hustling some money out of her. Amber begins by playing horribly to get the boys comfortable with their dream of hustling her. She asks them, "fellow-to-fellow", how they feel about Chad. They say they are not tight with Chad, but they do mention that ever since he started dating Sonny, he's been a pretty decent guy. As soon as they reveal they're okay with Chad, Amber goes to leave, but Nico and Grady stop her. She finishes the game in one turn, takes Grady's pool for her ducks, and leaves.

In the hallway, Amber runs into Sonny. Sonny realizes it's Amber in a disguise and challenges whether or not

"Smooth" and Sonny in the hallway

she got anything out of Nico and Grady. Amber replies that she got the pool from them and that she is still going to get what she's looking for. She leaves and Sonny tries to imitate her "Smooth" voice, but hurts her throat.

In Sonny and Tawni's dressing room, there is a loud music playing. Tawni begins to dance to music as she comes out of her closet. Amber appears disguised as "Maya Babooty", a facialist. She convinces Tawni into a facial. Amber starts to massage Tawni's face as she questions her about Chad. Tawni admits that she doesn't get why he's so popular. Amber takes that as a possible reason for why Chad's fans are dwindling. Tawni denies Amber's statement and goes on to say that since he started dating Sonny, she hasn't even really noticed him. Amber takes that answer as her cue to leave.

In Chad's dressing room, Amber has a meeting with Chad and Sonny to discuss her findings. And after process of elimination, she concludes that Sonny is the problem. Sonny tries to defend herself against Amber's accusations. Amber blames his unpopularity on how much nicer he's been since he's started dating Sonny. Amber and Sonny ask Chad if he is willing to break up with Sonny or not for his million fans. In turn, Chad fires Amber because no one can tell him who to date. Amber becomes angry and flitters a message that Chad hates puppies, which causing his number of fans to drop. Sonny offers to takeover his fan club to make him feel better.

Sonny and Chad1

Sonny and Chad's hug before Amber's report.

Soon enough, Sonny has caused Chad to lose almost all his fans. Sonny begins to become upset that she couldn't help Chad reach his million fans. Chad offers to buy her flowers to make her feel better.

Chad is then shown knocking on Amber's apartment door with flowers. Chad has come to beg Amber to take her job back. Amber asks him if anyone knows he's there. When he replies, "No.", she grabs him, pulls him into her apartment, and ties him up. Nico and Grady are then shown walking down the hall looking for "Smooth's" apartment. Amber answers the door and speaks with them, until Chad, who is tied up, hops passed the doorway. Nico and Grady notice him and comment. Amber then pulls both of them into her apartment and ties them up as well. Tawni is then shown walking down the hallway looking for "Maya Babooty". She knocks on the door and Amber answers. Amber speaks with her until Chad, Nico and Grady, all of which are tied up, hop pasted the doorway. Amber grabs Tawni, pulls her into her apartment and ties her up. She then locks the four of them in the closet.

Meanwhile, in Chad's dressing room, Sonny is panicked over Chad's dwindling fans. In an attempt to make things right, she calls Amber to beg her to take her job back. Amber yells at Sonny and says, "[She] never want[s] to see [Sonny's] face again.". Sonny comes up with a plan to go see Amber without Amber knowing it's her.

That'ssosonny 1
Sonny shows up at Amber's apartment disguised as "Carlos La Sierga", a "board certified cleaner of the carpets". Sonny tries to convince Amber to let her clean her carpets, but Amber denies her. Sonny, in a last ditch effort, throws dirt on Amber's carpet. Amber tells her she has two minutes to clean that up. Sonny begins to clean up the dirt as Amber leaves the room. Sonny hears mumbling from the closet. Sonny runs over and opens the closet, freeing Chad, Tawni, Nico and Grady, who are all still tied up. Sonny reveals herself to Chad. They both explain to each other what they came over to Amber's for. Amber comes back into the room dressed up as a carpet cleaner. Sonny and Amber begin to have a "vacuum smack-down". Grady gets excited with the fight.

After a bit of fighting, Sonny admits that she doesn't want to be the thing that stands between Chad and his million fans. Chad admits that a million fans used to be really important to him, but only cares about one. And that fan is Sonny. Amber and Sonny continue fighting. Sonny knocks Amber over and she surrenders. Sonny then demands that Amber get every one of Chad's fans back, stop flittering negative things about him, give Grady his pool back and that they'll never see her again. Amber apologizes. Grady grabs his pool, quacks a duck at Amber and the group leaves. Tawni quickly runs back and tries to schedule another facial appointment with Amber, but Sonny grabs her with the vacuum suction and pulls her away.

The episode ends with Sonny sitting in Chad's dressing room. Chad comes in with flowers and thanks her for saving him. He notices his Chad-o-meter and realizes his fans are back. His number of fans reaches 800,000 again and continues to climb. Chad and Sonny become excited that Chad is going to reach one million, but before it does Amber's face appears on the screen. She begins yelling that they cannot get rid of her. Sonny and Chad scream and flee from the room.
SUNDAY! Catch Sonny with a Chance with very special Guest Star RAVEN!

SUNDAY! Catch Sonny with a Chance with very special Guest Star RAVEN!



Special Guest Star


  • The title of this episode is a reference to the show "That's So Raven", even featuring a guest star appearance of its main character, Raven-Symoné.
  • Flitter is a parody for Twitter and was also used in the "Hannah Montana" episode "The Wheel Near My Bed (Keeps on Turning)", and the Jessie episode, World Wide Web of Lies
  • We see Chad's dressing room for the second time. The first was "Gummy With a Chance".
  • Amber also uses her catchphrases "Yep that's me." and "I'm okay." which are also references to Raven's catchphrases in "That's So Raven".
  • The script says Chad begins to take off his shirt, but Sonny stops him.
  • This is the first time Sonny has been in Chad's dressing room.
  • Amber's last name "Algoode" doesn't match her personality which is the opposite. It was first rumored that Amber's name was Ericcs. It might have been changed or was just really a rumor.
  • Amber's dish washing clothes are similar to something that Lady Gaga would wear.
  • Sonny tends/pretends to buy shirts for the boys she is dating or pretending to date. This could be explained as her mothering instinct kicking in. In "Grady With a Chance of Sonny", Sonny lies to Grant and says that she bought Grady the shirt he was wearing. In this episode, she says that she bought Chad the shirt he was wearing.
  • Raven dresses up in disguises like she used to in her show "That's So Raven".
  • This is one of the episodes which do not associate with So Random!
  • This is the third time that Raven was mentioned/seen in the series. In "Gummy With a Chance", Tawni says "Who are you, Raven?" after Sonny gets visions. And in the sketch The 98th Annual Elderly Choice Awards "That's So Graven" is nominated for an award, an obvious reference to That's So Raven.
  • Amber's character is similar to Raven.
  • This episode marks the second on-screen Disney Channel appearance of Raven-Symone since That's So Raven; her first was in the Cory in the House episode "That's So In the House", then her third appearance being in the two-part K.C. Undercover episode "Runaway Robot", and then she now stars in the new series Raven's Home as Raven Baxter.