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Tawni Hart
Gender Female
Age 16 (Season 1)
17 (Season 2)
18 (So Random!)
Birthday May 17, 1992
Hometown Hollywood, California
Profession Actress, Comedian, Screenwriter, Singer, Songwriter, Musician
Family & Friends
Parents Tammi Hart (Mother and Manager)
Friends Sonny Monroe (best friends)
Nico Harris
Zora Lancaster
Grady Mitchell
Frenemies Chad Dylan Cooper
Enemies James Conroy (Ex-boyfriend)
Dakota Condor
Marta Balatico
Ryan Loughlin
Trey Brothers
Gilroy Smith
Pet(s) Puddy Two-Shoes (toy)
Mumsel (dog)
Production Information
First appearance "Sketchy Beginnings"
Portrayed by Tiffany Thornton
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Sonny and Tawni BFFs 4 eva!!

"You know what I love about me? I'm always something and pretty!"
---- Tawni Hart, "Cheater Girls"

Tawni Hart is the longest running cast member and the first member of So Random!, being a 7 year veteran. Her hometown is Hollywood and she has been acting since she was 3 years old, her first gig being a diaper commercial.


Tawni is egocentric and spends a majority of her time thinking about how she looks. She is often talking about herself and how fabulous she is. She could almost be seen as the female counterpart of Chad Dylan Cooper. Tawni's biggest weakness is if someone else gets more attention or better criticism by the media. It can really eat away at her and can, in turn, cause her to do something drastic to herself. Like in "Poll'd Apart", where she wore a bald cap because she was jealous of Sharona said Sonny's hair, which was better than hers. Tawni can become jealous easily, as seen when James, her ex-boyfriend, wanted to go out with Sonny in "Sonny With a Chance of Dating". She is likely to come through for her fellow cast members in a real time of need, though. She has also shown being very perceptive, seeing quite easily that Chad Dylan Cooper had "other motives" for wanting to stop Sonny and James' date, among other things. Throughout Season 2, Tawni becomes nicer and more caring as her friendship with Sonny grows.


Tawni has blue eyes and fair skin. She normally wears her favorite lip-gloss (Cocoa Mocha Cocoa) but she mentions in the first episode of So Random! that she likes a new lip-gloss. She has blonde hair that is up to her chest, it is always in curls and is well-taken care of. Her clothes are always layered and have a splash of bright colors.

Personal life[]


Tawni Hart

She is a self-absorbed, diva-type teenager who wants to have the spotlight to herself. She used to have a stuffed animal named Puddy Two-Shoes who was destroyed by when Sonny accidently dropped him in a paper shredder in the first episode. She seems to have a crush on Eric in the fourth episode to then figure out that he was really Sonny. She is also very self conscious, like wearing a bald cap when Sharona made fun of her in "Poll'd Apart". She also used to date James Conroy, only for it not ending very well. She also sometimes likes to make fun of Sonny's Costumes, like "Madge the Waitress" or "Baby Waa Waa". Tawni seems to be watching the show Tween Gladiators. It has always been a dream of Tawni's to be on a lunch box.

In "Sonny With a Chance of Dating", it was revealed that Tawni once got dumped by an actor named James Conroy, which made her wear polyester pants, and still has feeling for him.

In "Sonny and the Studio Brat", Tawni said that because Nico and Grady wore cheese pants in media, they never get invited to any Hollywood parties. Tawni decided to use the scene from the sketch "The Basement" to take some pictures of her, Nico, and Grady while dancing, which would make it look like they were at an exclusive club called "The Basement". Zora took the photos and uploaded them to the Internet.

Tawni-Hart 2

The so far only known sketch that Tawni has written herself is "Queen Bee"; a sketch that was never made. They only rehearsed it once, and then it got dropped from the show to be replaced by Sonny's "Bumbling Bees/Siss-Boom-Buzz" sketch.





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Sonny Munroe[]

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In spite of Sonny's desire to be friends with her, Tawni has tried to ruin Sonny's self-confidence since they met, telling Sonny to stay out of her spotlight, making fun of Sonny's costumes (and clothes), and hiding Sonny's fanmail. She gets jealous when Sonny receives positive attention.


Tawni cares for Sonny.

In later episodes, they have starting to hang out more like friends. They share dressing room with each other. In "Sketchy Beginnings", Sonny gave her a stuffed animal as a gift to try to make peace, but Tawni shredded it. Later, Sonny accidentally destroyed Tawni's stuffed animal Puddy Two-Shoes in the paper shredder as well.

In "Sonny So Far" when Gilroy Smith tries to show the audience Sonny and Chad's private conversation, Tawni closes the TV because she remembered all that Sonny did for her and didn't want her to be embarrassed on tv, this shows that Tawni now cares for Sonny.

In "Promises, Prom-misses", Tawni told Sonny she looked really pretty in her prom dress. This may be the only complement Tawni has ever given to Sonny. Tawni also wanted to become prom queen in the same episode.

In "Falling for the Falls", Tawni said that her relationship with Sonny was the "best relationship she ever had". In "Sonny With a Secret", Tawni believed Sonny when Sonny said she wasn't lying about the stuff she was framed for.

In "Chad Without a Chance" it is revealed that Sonny breaks up with her boyfriends because she is gentler than Tawni.


Tawni and Chad in Prank'd

Chad Dylan Cooper[]

In the episode "Guess Who's Coming to Guest Star", it is revealed that Chad and Tawni had a relationship at age six while they starred on The Goody Gang together. Not much is known about their relationship, though she did kiss him on the cheek at one point. She claims that falling in love with Chad is like getting the chicken pox. Since she fell in love with him as a kid, she cannot fall in love with him again.

It is apparent that Tawni and Chad hold no feelings for each other in the present day by the disgusted faces/comments Tawni commonly makes whenever Chad is trying to be romantic with Sonny.

James Conroy[]

It was revealed that she dated him in "Sonny With a Chance of Dating". When James dumped her, her face broke out and started wearing polyester pants. James later decided he wanted her back and sent her flowers, but Tawni was wise enough to discern that he only wanted her because he didn't have her.


Bennett is one of multiple guys that Tawni dates at a time. Though she does in fact like Bennett a lot. Even enough to put him on her "Absolutely Nots" list, which implies she will absolutely no break-up with him. She claims he is "the smartest guy [she's] ever dated" and is heartbroken when she finds out Chad mistakenly broke-up with him for her.

Sketch characters[]


  • In the promos, it was believed that Chad and Tawni had a love/hate relationship, but it turned out Sonny and Chad had a love/hate relationship.
  • As seen in "Sonny With a Secret", Tawni used to wear a retainer.
  • When Chad ask Tawni about James and Sonny going on a date, she says "Why do you want him to back off of Sonny". She knows his motives for wanting to stop it.
  • Tawni hid in the back of Chad's car to spy on Sonny and Chad in Lookout Mountain.
  • Tawni did a diaper commercial when she was 3 years old.
  • Tawni prefers to be the #1 star on So Random!.
  • Tawni is the first one in the Prop House.
  • She calls Sonny "sweetie" all the time.
  • Tawni and Chad used to be in a popular show together when they were little called "The Goody Gang".
  • Tawni has worked on So Random! for five years and more.
  • Tawni has designed her own brand of jeans known as Tawni Hart's Extreme Skinny Jeans, which were so extremely tight, they caused whoever wore them (including Tawni herself) to get SPS (Skinny Pants Syndrome)
  • She used to be a fan of MacKenzie Falls.
  • Although they were born in the same year, Tawni appears to be older than Sonny, which explains why Tawni was driving Sonny to Wisconsin, the longest running cast member of So Random!, and the prettiest
  • She along with the rest of So Random! cast did not like Sonny dating Chad.
  • Tawni is the only character to appear in every episode, due to Demi Lovato not returning for Season 3.
  • Tawni said in The Legend of Candy Face that she likes her hair curled. But, in Season 1 and Season 3 her hair is straight.
  • Tawni claims Sonny is her best friend, even though sometimes she doesn't show it.
  • In the beginning of So Random! (New Series), Tawni says that she no longer wears the Cocoa Moco Cocoa lipstick.
  • As seen in Cheater Girls, Tawni is left handed. This is due to the fact that Tiffany Thornton herself is left handed.
  • It was revealed in 'Sonny in the Kitchen with Dinner' that Tawni wears contact lenses.


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Behind the scenes[]

In an interview with Shine on Media, Tiffany Thornton said.[1]

Tawni on Sonny With a Chance, she is kind of insane. (Laughs) No, I'm kidding. Tawni is not very good at sharing. She wants to be the center of attention all the time, and when Sonny comes in from Wisconsin, she just kinda feels intimidated. I don't think she is mean spirited because she is not a hateful person. I think she is just mean because she doesn't know how to act around someone that is better than her in certain circumstances, and she feels threatened by Sonny, so I think it's a bit of insecurity more so than she is just being that "hateful" person.