Sonny at the Falls
Sonny at the Falls
Sonny with Chad and the Falls.
Series Sonny With a Chance
Season 1
Episode number 3
Airdate February 15, 2009
Written by Phil Baker
Drew Vaupen
Directed by Eric Dean Seaton
Prod. code 112
Guest starring Jillian Murray
Wendy Worthington
# US viewers upon premiere 3.5 million
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"West Coast Story" "You've Got Fan Mail"
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"Sonny at the Falls" is the third episode of the first season of Sonny With a Chance that aired on February 15, 2009.


Chad talking to Sonny, Cloudy(Grady) and Rainy (Nico)

Sonny, Grady, Nico, and Chad in the cafeteria

The cast members of So Random! get jealous when Brenda (the lunch lady) serves them bad cafeteria food while the cast of MacKenzie Falls dine on lobster and steak. This is because MacKenzie Falls is Brenda's favorite show. In an attempt to relieve the So Ramdom! cast's bad mood, Sonny introduces a new sketch she wrote about lame superheroes, but

Sonny giving her castmates the new sketch

instead of cheering them up, they mock her and make fun of her idea. Chad decides to take advantage of this after hearing how So Random! has gotten more popular after Sonny joined the cast and he devises a plan to drive a wedge between Sonny and her castmates by inviting her over to The Falls. Sonny gets caught by her cast mates when they decide to barge in to ask Chad how to get a steak from the lunch lady. Things take a turn for the worse when Zora finds Sonny on the massage table and the rest of So Random! ban Sonny from the Prop House. After being banned, Sonny decides to hang out full time at the Falls. The next day at lunch, she sits at the
03 bannedfromtheprophouse

Zora bans Sonny from the Prop House

MacKenzie Falls table instead of the usual table where the So Random! cast sit. When Zora, Nico, Grady and Tawni enter the cafeteria, Sonny pretends to laugh and enjoy herself. Tawni gets jealous of Sonny eating lobster, saying that she was lobster-worthy as well, until Zora slaps her and tells her to snap out of it. The cast of So Random! tries to show Sonny that they are having fun even without her after seeing her laugh at the MacKenzie Falls table. They think that Sonny is still their friend, until they see that she is wearing the MacKenzie Falls uniform. They decide to try to apologize her and ask her to come back. Zora decides to storm into the MacKenzie Falls set in order to talk to Sonny, only to find that all of the So Random! cast except Sonny were put on the "Do Not Admit" Wall, along with Zac Efron. After Zora reports what happened, Tawni experiences caring, and so they decide to get Sonny back. The So
03 sonnyinmackfallsuniform

She's one of them!

cast dress up as the lame superhero characters that they previously rejected. Portlyn reveals Chad's plan to separate Sonny from her friends, and Sonny becomes unbanned from the Prop House and goes back to So Random!. Sonny calles herself and the cast losers.

But not without Sonny commanding the So Random! cast members to quickly steal the snacks from the MacKenzie Falls studios.

Afterwards, we see the sketch of Loser Force Five. A thief robs a bank in Metropolopolis, and Robo Baby throws a poop-er-ang (a poop boomerang) at the robber, but it comes back at them.



Guest Starring


  • This episode and The Legend of Candy Face is the only time we see Sonny wearing a Mackenzie Falls Uniform.
  • There are some Mackenzie Falls cast seen in this episode that were not present in the rest of the episode.
  • There are unknown Mackenzie Falls cast in this episode. Some of them appeared in West Coast Story.
  • After this episode, Brenda and the rest of the MacFalls people here. Also, since minisodes are airing and the DVD bonus which is the season finale of MacFalls, NEW casts are known to be the official ones already.
  • This episode is the first one to mention Chads hatred towards Zac Efron. It later becomes a reoccurring gag throughout the series.
  • Sonny's look changes a bit in the episode compared to West Coast Story and Sketchy Beginnings.
  • Zac Efron is mentioned in this episode, by Chad.

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