Sonny With a Secret
Sonny With a Secret by BadBee
The main characters celebrate the firing of the cheese cannon.
Series Sonny With a Chance
Season 2
Episode number 33-34
Airdate July 18, 2010
Written by Michael Feldman & Steve Marmel
Directed by Eric Dean Seaton
Prod. code 212-213
Guest starring Michael Kostroff

Regan Burns
Leslie Ann Huff
Aimee Fortier
Sam Carson
Kevin Carolan

# US viewers upon premiere 6.115 Million
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"Falling for the Falls" "The Problem with Pauly"
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"Sonny With a Secret" is an hour long episode of Sonny With a Chance that aired on July 18, 2010. The episode premiered to 6.115 million viewers, which was the series' second highest documented audience ever.


Sonny with a secret

Sonny in Wisconsin "One Year Ago"

One year ago, Sonny promised West Appleton High she would take the highest honor of firing the tradition of the cheese cannon and submit her book report when she returned to Wisconsin "one year from now". Now that she has been on So Random! for one year, Marshall orders a cake for her. Mysteriously, the message on the cake was changed from "YAY" to "Sonny Munroe is a PHONY". Tween Weekly TV Reporter Ryan Loughlin announces "Sonny's hate cake" on television. He also reads out an accusing message cut out of magazine letters saying, "Sonny Munroe is not the girl she says she is". On the set of MacKenzie Falls, Chad confides in an upset Sonny that all his major decisions are made by fortune cookies. He suggests that a shopping trip with his Mackenzie Falls co-star, Penelope, would cheer Sonny up. Sonny and Penelope, having been joined by a jealous Tawni earlier, finish their shopping only to have Sonny accused of shoplifting a necklace with the press there filming it all. The following day, Sonny is accused of stealing the concept of Sicky Vicky from a real person named Vicki Sickowitz. After Grady buys an app that detects metal, he finds a gold coin (really chocolate) in the couch cushion in the Prop House. Sonny, Grady, Nico and Tawni hide in a dumpster where Ryan tries to find somthing to blame something on Sonny. As Sonny finally gets Ryan to get her side of what's been happening, Nico and Grady lose their gold coin, so they use Grady's app and find it in Sonny's pocket, calling her a thief, the cameras still rolling. Back inside the Prop House, Sonny tries to tell Nico, Grady, and Tawni that she didn't steal it, but

The cast watches Tween Weekly TV

since she doesn't have an explanation, they don't believe it. At her house, Sonny is confined inside since there are a lot of paparazzi outside. When someone says they have a food delivery for her, she answers it to find Chad dressed up as a Chinese food delivery guy. After giving Sonny a hug, he goes over to the window to get them to back off of her, but they tell him to shut up, still believing he was a food delivery guy. Revealing himself, Ryan tells him to consult a fortune cookie and Chad jumps to conclusions, thinking Sonny told them. When she sees that Chad doesn't believe her, they get in an argument and he leaves. Then Tawni appears to get Sonny to Wisconsin for the firing of the cheese cannon, making Sonny realize that Tawni believed in her.

To get past the paparazzi, Tawni disguises Sonny with a blonde wig. With Sonny gone, in rehersal at MacKenzie Falls, Penelope is in the middle of the scene and when Chad doesn't say his line, Penelope finds him looking through pictures of Sonny on his iPhone, showing various pictures of Sonny, his "short stack" before bursting out in tears wondering why he let her go. With Zora back from a Sherlock Holmes convention (where she repeatedly mentions cost her 2,000$ and was three days long), Nico and Grady help her catch up on


Sonny and Tawni in the car.

the events she missed out on. Going into Sonny and Tawni's dressing room, the three find a receipt for a cake, Sonny's cheese ball - which they think is a cheese ball bomb because of a set of instructions saying "How to Make a Cheese Ball Bomb" - and a magazine all on Tawni's dresser with letters cut out forming the words from the letter Ryan read earlier. They get Chad and deduce that Tawni was the culprit and that the cheese ball - which they started to eat - was the one Sonny was supposed to have, meaning that Sonny had the real cheese ball bomb. The four then decide to go save and apologize to her by flying on Chad's private jet.

On the plane, the captain reveals his true identity: Penelope. She admits that it was her who framed Sonny and called Ryan to report the news. She also admitted that she was in love with Chad and had two parachutes for her and Chad to jump out and leave the So Random! cast on the plane with no captain. She gave him an ultimation, either to go with her and save themselves to live a happy life together, or to stay on the plane and choose the So Random! cast and Sonny. Chad chooses Sonny over her, so she tells them about all of the parts of her plan: There were then multiple scenes showing where and how she stole the 'rare coin' (actually a chocolate coin, deduced by Zora) of Nico and Grady's by sneaking it out of Nico's pocket in his attempt to woo her and slipping it into Sonny's jacket pocket, the necklace that Penelope snuck into her shopping bag and framed her for shoplifting, and put the blame for everything on Tawni and switching the two cheese balls from the real one to a bomb. Before jumping, she tells Chad that MacKenzie Falls would become Penelope Falls. Then she jumps, leaving the other parachute behind. Nico notices and laughs about it, but Penelope hears the comment, scales the plane, comes back in, and takes it before disappearing again.

Thanks to Grady, Nico, Zora, and Chad have a parachute because of what Grady's mother told him never to get on a plane without (those being traveling socks, a ham sandwich, and a clean parachute). Unfortunately, the parachute rips because of too much weight even though when they began to notice Grady throws off the ham sandwich that he had been enjoying, but the four land right next to Tawni's car where she had to pull over to receive a ticket. Zora and Nico tell her that Penelope framed her and could get her job back while Chad apologizes to her and the two make up. Thanks to Chad, Sonny was able to get a ride on the police officer's motorcycle since the cop was a fan of his.

Sonny and Chad hug; disgusting the others.

Ryan is at the high school telling viewers that Sonny didn't make it so Vicki Sickowitz was going to fire the cannon. Sonny manages to stop them, making it just in time. She tells the audience that she was still the same honest girl from a year ago and gives her teacher her book report on The Grapes of Wrath, though he tells her he assigned her A Raisin in the Sun. Ryan asks Vicki if she was going to let Sonny take her limelight again and Vicki says she was for Sonny didn't steal Sicky Vicky from her; that she only said Sonny did to get herself some attention. Then she tells them that Sonny should fire the cannon.

Just as she sticks her cheese ball in the cannon and lights it up, Nico, Grady, Zora, and Tawni show up. Chad pushes Sonny out of the way, Zora stops the cannon from firing with her bubble pipe by covering the fuse, and Nico takes out the cheese ball bomb before it blows. Tawni stops the so-called Vicki, who tries to make a break for it; figuring out that she was really Penelope (much to Zora's chagrin and causing her to throw down the last piece of Sherlock Holmes-esque clothing, a beigh plaid cloak/jacket) because of the pilot shoes she was still wearing which, according to Penelope, were too comfy to take off. The cops arrest Penelope and Chad gives Sonny what's left of her actual cheese ball to fire. She does only to have it hit Ryan who was reporting that Sonny was innocent and that he knew it all along.

Sunday Catch The Sonny with a Chance one hour special Sonny with a Secret

Sunday Catch The Sonny with a Chance one hour special Sonny with a Secret

The official episode preview.


Part 1

Part 2

Guest Starring


  • Karlton Johnson as Security Guard
  • Gary Dublin as Pilot
  • Jimmy Schubert as Police Officer




  • Zora only appears during the second half of this episode (Part 2).
  • Chad calls Sonny "m'lady" and "short stack" while Sonny calls him her "egg whites with tomatoes on the side".
  • Wisconsin does not look like it does in the episode. Appleton, while a real city, is on a river, and has little connection with cheese. Green Bay, Wisconsin, however, is home for the featured Cheese Hats, and is much more likely to do something like is shown.
  • Tawni revealed that she has been a So Random! cast member for 5 years and that she wears a retainer.
  • The So Random! gang and Chad all refer to Marta as "Penelope", despite the fact that Penelope is her MacKenzie Falls character's name.
  • When Nico, Grady, Zora, and Chad fall out of the sky, you can see a sign in the backround that warns "Cow Crossing" instead of "Deer Crossing"..
  • This is the first one hour episode.
  • In the "One Year Ago" opening scene, Demi Lovato seems to be in a wig to look like the hairstyle she wore during the first season.
  • This episode is also the most viewed Sonny With a Chance episode during its premiere. Being viewed by 6.11 Million people in the U.S.
  • Sonny reveals that she doesn't like nuts.
  • It also reveals, that Chad does have a outie Belly Button.
  • Penelope's final appearance might be this episode as a MacKenzie Falls member. But, she can still appear in an episode but not as a MacFalls member.
  • This episode has slow motion (When Sonny lit the cannon, Chad pushing her out of the way, Zora putting out the fire and Nico taking out the Chesse Bomb Ball). The others with slow motion are "Promises, Prom-misses" and "High School Miserable".
  • Grady's line, "Stick that in your pipe and blow it." is a play on the phrase, "Put that in your pipe and smoke it.".
  • Sonny mentions her high school in the episode "High School Miserable", though not by a specific name.
  • Vicki Sickowitz might be a reference to the character in Victorious Sikowitz.
  • This is the first ever 1-Hour Special; excluding Falling for the Falls because that is a 2-part special.
  • They must have used a wig to change the look of Sonny as she looks very different in season one; especially in the first episodes.
  • There is an alternate ending to Sonny With A Secret. The alternate ending was originally going to be put on the unreleased Season 2 DVD of SWAC. It is unknown if Disney ever decides to put Season 2 on DVD.
  • Penelope said "I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for......" which is a play on the phase "I would have gotten away with it too, if it we'ren't for those meddling kids!" from Scooby Doo.

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