This page outlines policy for the proper use of categories on Sonny With a Chance Wiki. To suggest changes, start a new discussion on the talk page. For general information on categories, see Help:Category.


All users must follow these guidelines.

  1. An article's topic has to fit within any category in which it's placed. For example: Falling for the Falls does belong in the category Episodes, because the article's topic is the episode Falling for the Falls. However, you would not want to put that same article in the Characters category, because the article is about an episode, not a character.
  2. Categories named after a character, a person, or an episode are not allowed. It's ok to have an image category for an episode or a prominent character (e.g. Category:Fast Friends images), but a category entitled, for instance, "Sonny Munroe", "Doug Brochu", or "Sketchy Beginnings" would not make sense, because the name of the category is not specific enough.
  3. Categories related to specific relationships are too subjective and, therefore, are not allowed. For example, a category entitled "Channy episodes" would be too subjective because what constitutes a Channy episode is a matter of opinion.
  4. Some categories were created for organizing stuff other than articles. If a category has the word "images" at the end of its title, it should not contain any articles, because it was created for organizing image files. For example, Category:Fast Friends images should contain only images, no articles. Similarly, the category Videos should only contain video files, no articles.
  5. At present, we don't have any categories that are appropriate for adding userpages to, so please do not place your userpage in any category.
  6. Do not add an article, image, video, etc. to a category if it is already in that category. This simply creates clutter that someone else will have to clean up later.


Helpful hints on how to avoid common mistakes.

  • If you're wondering whether a particular page belongs in particular category, simply visiting the category page and reading its description will often help you figure that out.
  • Adding images to categories - When you add an image to an image category, you should do it the same way you'd add an article to a category: Go to the image file page, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and press the "Add category" button on the bottom of the Categories box. When you're done, the box should include the name of the category you added.
    (Going to the category's page and adding the image there is the wrong way to add an image to a category. You must do it on the image file page, or it will not work properly.)
  • Adding sections to categories - When editing a section of an article, it may look like you have the capability to add that section to a category, but it will not work--it will instead add the whole article to the category. Thus, please do not add a section to a category unless the whole article belongs in that category and does not already belong to that category.

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