Sonny So Far
Sonny and Tawni with Gilroy Smith
Series Sonny With a Chance
Season 1
Episode number 21
Airdate November 22, 2009
Written by Michael Feldman
Steve Marmel
Directed by Eric Dean Seaton
Prod. code 121
Guest starring Eric Toms as Gilroy Smith
# US viewers upon premiere 3.7 million
Episode chronology
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"Cookie Monsters" "Walk a Mile in My Pants"
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"Sonny So Far" is the twenty-first episode in the first season of Sonny With a Chance.


When Sonny and Tawni are guests on Gotcha with Gilroy Smith, they are excited at first. But then Gilroy shows them the promo, saying he hopes the girls will reveal something personal and embarrassing. To prevent this from happening, they make a pact backstage to have each other's back so that neither of them will get embarrassed. But Tawni then breaks the pact after Gilroy shows a backstage footage of her and Sonny making the pact. As the show continues, Sonny's mind wanders and she starts to think about Chad Dylan Cooper after Gilroy says, "Do they, Sonny? Do they really?" which is Chad's catchphrase. Sonny starts to think about the time when she danced with Chad for about 10 seconds at the prom ("Promises, Prom-misses"). Gilroy sees

After Sonny's flashback...

her expression, can tell she's thinking about a boy, and starts questioning her on some of the boys she associates with and her feelings toward them. When he brings up Chad Dylan Cooper, and when Sonny seems to be nervous about it, he brings Chad onto the show. Gilroy shows rare footage of Sonny and Chad from episode 2 ("West Coast Story"). Afterward, Sonny pulls Chad backstage, completely unaware about the fact that Gilroy has a hidden camera backstage and he's showing it to the audience. Tawni, who remembers all the things Sonny has done for her and doesn't want Sonny to get embarrassed in front of everyone, turns off the screen right before Sonny and Chad tell each other how they really feel. We don't hear them say they like each other, but it is assumed that they do like each other, based on what they say before and after Tawni turns off the screen. (and how they acted towards each other earlier in the
Sonny and Chad before telling each other their secret

Sonny and Chad having a backstage conversation

season). Gilroy grabs the remote back and

Chad and Sonny about to say something to each other...

turns the T.V. back on. We see Sonny talking to Chad ("That much easier to say than I thought it would be.") and then she walks away, and Tawni grabs a pencil. The bloopers give the show a twist

The credits in this episode is a blooper reel.


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  • Grady Mitchell is absent, making this the only episode where he doesn't appear so far. However, he is seen in flashback clips from previous episodes.(Like Tales From the Prop House)
  • This is the first episode where Nico Harris is absent for. (his second absent would be "Sonny With A Grant")
  • Zora Lancaster is also absent and is only shown in flashback clips.
  • This episode is the first season finale, thus the cliffhanger ending.
  • This is the only episode so far to only feature three main characters, in this case, Sonny, Tawni, and
    The Season Finale of Sonny with a Chance Sonny So Far

    The Season Finale of Sonny with a Chance Sonny So Far

    The official episode preview.

    • Coincidentally, all three of them appear in that order during the intro
    • This is the last episode of sonnys ori
  • It is believed that Sonny and Chad admit each other their feelings for each other, but, since Tawni turns the TV off before they actually admit anything (besides that they may have feelings for each other), it is all an assumption.
  • It has not yet been revealed at to what they had said to each other.
  • With this episode, Sonny and Tawni are now the only characters on the show to have appeared in every single episode of the series so far
  • The episode still on top is showing Tawni with a pink top. But, in the video itself, Tawni is wearing a purple top.
  • Last episode taped at NBC Studios.
  • This is the season 1 finale of Sonny with a Chance.
  • In this season or episode, Sonny has bangs and in Season 2, she doesn't.


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