Skyler DeVane
27 skyler
Gender Male
Profession Actor
Family & Friends
Friends Chad Dylan Cooper
Chastity Ann DeWitt
Marta Balatico
Ferguson Michaels
Production Information
First appearance MacKenzie Falls Minisodes
Portrayed by William Georges

Skyler DeVane (William Georges) is the actor who portrays Mackenzie's half brother Devon in the hit tween drama MacKenzie Falls.

He is one of the main cast members of MacKenzie Falls. He has appeared in only one Sonny With a Chance episode so far, "The Legend of Candy Face", in which he was Zora's partner in the trust exercise, and his electric manscaping device was broken by Candy Face. It is believed that he is the weird one in MacKenzie Falls and the male MacKenzie Falls equivalent of Zora. He was paired with Zora during their trust exercises, meaning he doesn't like her.


MacKenzie Falls Minisodes

  • "Opening"
  • "The New Season"
  • "Blood & Water"
  • "New Girl in Town"
  • "Bottled Emotions"
  • "Homecoming"
  • "Pluses and Minuses"
  • "All's Fair in the Science Fair"
  • "It All Comes Down to This!"
  • "Sword of Mackenzie"