Santiago Heraldo
08 santiago
Santiago interviewing Sonny Munroe
Gender Male
Profession Reporter
Family & Friends
Enemies Sonny Munroe
Chad Dylan Cooper
Production Information
First appearance "Fast Friends"
Portrayed by Rich Ceraulo

Santiago Heraldo (Rich Ceraulo) is a reporter for Tween Weekly TV in the episode "Fast Friends".

Tween Weekly TV

Santiago is the reporter who first breaks the story about Chad shoving a puppy. Even since Santiago ran the story, Chad has been trying to make himself look better in front of Santiago and the camera, even at Sonny's expense. Whenever Santiago can find a story, he goes to immediately investigate it. When he comes to believe that Sonny is an "out of control diva", he does his very best to show how Sonny is really a diva. In the end, Sonny ends up exposing Chad for the jerk he really is and intends to show it to Santiago. Though the footage Sonny shot was never shown on Tween Weekly TV or reported on, so it is unclear at the end of the episode whether or not she actually gave the footage to Santiago.


  • In the end credits for "Fast Friends", his surname is spelled "Geraldo", but on the Tween Weekly website, it is spelled "Heraldo".
  • On, Santiago is one of the editors for the online magazine Tween Weekly.
  • Santiago and Ryan are one of the Tween Weekly reporters that are "mean." But, Ryan is much more irritating.