Sally Jenson: Kid Lawyer
09 sallyjenson
Seen in "Sonny With a Chance of Dating"
"High School Miserable"
"Coco Jones"
"Jacob Latimore"
Parody of Judge Judy
Starring Zora Lancaster
Grady Mitchell

Sally Jenson: Kid Lawyer is a sketch where Zora plays Sally Jenson, a kid lawyer, most likely in a court helping tweens. In the first Sally Jenson sketch, she says, "Another case won by Sally Jenson, Kid Lawyer. I FIGHT FOR YOU!"

Sonny With a Chance of Dating

They didn't actually do the sketch itself but they made something like it in the Prop House as a practice for the show itself.

High School Miserable

They did a rehearsal in the episode. Apparently, Zora didn't know that Dakota already replaced her. In one rehearsal, Grady says, "Thanks for getting that school bully in prison life." Sally Jensen waves it off as if it's no problem and says, "Because I'm Sally Jensen! And I fight for you!" Zora comesback "No, I'm Sally Jensen, and I fight you!"

In the fantasy, where the So Random! cast met Martha, a school bully, starts making fun of Grady by snapping his trousers. Martha asks, "What are you going to do about it?", Grady shows Zora saying, "Meet my lawyer: Sally Jensen! She fights for me!". Martha threatens Zora, "Meet my fists! They fight for me!". Zora nervously said, "No objection, your witness." Martha then took away Grady to give him a wedgie (specifically, "The Hoodie").

Coco Jones

Sally cracks down on yearbook frauds and false messages at the end of yearbooks, such as "2 Kewl 2 Be 4gotten" and "Have a Gr8 Summer".

Jacob Latimore

Sally cracks down on bad presents, such as knitted t-shirts, nothing and tickets to the opera.



  • The name Sally Jenson is derived from one of the directors of Sonny With a Chance, Shelly Jensen.
  • Every time Zora has pretended to be Sally Jenson outside of So Random!, the outcome usually has had a bad effect on the person she was trying to protect.
  • Every time Zora played Sally Jenson (except for "Jacob Latimore"), it involved Grady Mitchell as the victim.