Puddy Two-Shoes
Tawni talking to her Puddy.

Stuffed Animal Type


Current State


Destroyed By

Tawni Hart, Sonny Munroe and a Paper Shredder

Former Owner

Tawni Hart

Puddy Two-Shoes used to be Tawni Hart's stuffed animal cat in the episode "Sketchy Beginnings".

"Sketchy Beginnings"

Sonny Munroe accidentally destroyed Puddy by letting it go flying through the air and land in Tawni's paper-shredder. Whenever Sonny would try to mention that Puddy Two-Shoes isn't a real cat, Tawni would just put her hands over her ears, close her eyes, and start singing, "La la la la la la la!" (similar to how Sonny would in "The Problem with Pauly", whenever someone mentioned Pauly was not real). Apparently Tawni and Puddy Two-Shoes were very close. When Puddy Two-Shoes was destroyed in the paper shredder, Tawni becomes very upset and is in tears. Tawni complains to Marshall about Sonny destroying Puddy Two-Shoes he replies, "We'll get you a better Puddy Two-Shoes! We'll get you a Puddy Three-Shoes!" Sonny attempts to make amends with Tawni by buying her a new stuff cat, which Tawni throws into the paper shredder.

Since Puddy Two-Shoes was destroyed, Tawni revealed in "High School Miserable" that she has a new yorkie named "Mumsel" that always gets confiscated when she comes to the studio in the morning. It appears now that Tawni is over the Puddy Two-Shoes incident.