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The So Random! Prop House

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Sonny Tawni and Chad in the Prop House! before the forklift comes crashing in!


Chad and Tawni in the Prop House!

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Prop House!

Chad grady and nico

The Guys of Sonny with a Chance

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Cast in the Prop House

The Prop House is a room in the Condor Studios where the props and costumes used in So Random! were being kept. It's also the So Random! cast members' special hangout spot. This is also were most So Random! were born. According to Grady, the ceiling is about 16 feet high. At one point in time, the Prop House became the new MacKenzie Falls meditation room, but was reverted to its former state after So Random! annoyed them by sawing a hole into the ceiling. It was revealed in "Tales From The Prop House" that Tawni was the first one of the current So Random! cast to step foot inside the Prop House.

Some of the cast in the prop house

Known Props

  • Sarcophagus - Mummy Dearest Sketch
  • Bee Hat - One Bad Bee Sketch
  • Gnomes - various Gnome Sketches
  • Table - toilet in Baby Boom Boom Sketch
  • Gargoyle - Gargoyle Sketch
  • Mayor Sash - Gassie the Toot'n Pooch Sketch
  • Check It Out Girls Visor - Check It Out Girls Sketch
    Tales From the Prop House

    The So Random cast in the Prop House


  • Viking hat
  • Gumball Machine
  • Photo booth
  • Slide
  • Stairs
  • Mannequin
  • Alien wearing an eyepatch
  • Purple cactus
  • Pink hat
  • Lots of Furniture
  • Several clocks
  • Mummy head
  • Jukebox
  • Drum set
  • Japanese lanterns
  • tables
  • Man holding "Slow School Zone" sign
  • Dart Board
  • Giant Pencils
  • Puzzle pieces
  • Giant Crayons
  • Refrigerator
  • Wigs
  • Giant Pizza
  • Hand statue of a peace sign
  • Basketballs, footballs, etc
  • So Random! posters
  • piano
  • Rubber Chickens
  • Pies
  • gurtles