The Oh No You Di'nt is an award ceremony featured in "Poll'd Apart". The award ceremony recognizes celebrities for doing wacky, crazy things that make people say "Oh No, They/She/He Di'nt!" The So Random! cast showed up in the same outfit as Sharona, making her mad. Sharona stumbled backwards, trying to get out of the photo so no one saw her in the same outfit as someone else, and fell in a pond behind them.

Chad Dylan Cooper missed the ceremony because Nico and Grady replaced his car battery with donuts after he denied both their requests for a ride to the event in his new convertible. When Chad tried to leave for the ceremony, his car wouldn't start, and he opened his hood to find the plate of donuts and a note which read, "Thanks for the memories. Your pals, Nico and Grady." Chad's reaction was, "Do I know a Nico and Grady?"


  • This Awards show is a reference to the famous Livejournal community. (Oh No They Didnt (ONTD)).
  • The other Award Ceremony is Tween Choice Awards
  • It is a refrence to the saying"Oh no she/he did'nt!"after insulting them or something there wearing.