Mr. Condor
10 condorbasement
Gender Male
Profession President of Condor Studios

age: 44

Family & Friends
Spouse Tawni Condor (ex-wife)
Children Dakota Condor (daughter)
Production Information
First appearance "Sonny and the Studio Brat"
Portrayed by Daniel Roebuck

Mr. Condor (Daniel Roebuck) is the father of Dakota. He is the president of Condor Studios, the production company for So Random! and MacKenzie Falls.

Everybody in Condor Studios go out of their way to please him, for Mr. Condor has the ability to fire everyone in the studio, and is notorious for canceling the show of any person who annoys him. He believes that his daughter is an angel and is extremely protective of her. He also seems to favor Sonny, shown he believed her lie in "Sonny and the Studio Brat" and even paid Joy Bitterman to make the cast of So Random! and Mackenzie Falls go on a camping trip for the summer in "The Legend of Candy Face". He can be rather ruthless, as evidenced in one episode in which he told someone over the phone to steal a man's dog which he later gave to his daughter. In "The Problem with Pauly," he seems to be a fan of Pauly. In that same episode (The Problem With Pauly) he said that his first wife was called Tawni. In the episode "Sonny With a Grant", Chad made a list of things he wanted from Mr. Condor, at first, Mr. Condor agrees. Later when Chad begins to become more greedy, Mr. Condor says no then fires Chad and hires Grant Mitchell to play Mackenzie. Of course, Chad regains his role as Mackenzie.