Marshall Pike
11 marshall
Gender Male
Profession Creator and Executive Producer of So Random!
Family & Friends
Friends So Random cast
Sonny Monroe
Tawni Hart

Zora Lancaster
Nico Harris
Grady Mitchell
Chad Dylan Cooper
Joy Bitterman (ex-girlfriend)

Production Information
First appearance "Sketchy Beginnings"
Portrayed by Michael Kostroff

Marshall Pike (Michael Kostroff) is the executive producer and the creator of So Random!. He is a reccuring character on the real life show Sonny With a Chance

In the episode "The Heartbreak Kid", Marshall dates Joy Bitterman, and loses all control on So Random!. By letting her direct the show. In the end, they break up. Since then, Marshall has talked about wanting a new "lady friend", but he seems to not be able to hold one down ("Sonny with a Song"). Marshall is also serious about his job, trying to branch the show out into different parts of the world. ("Sonny Get Your Goat")

But he also cares for the kids. He sympathized with Sonny when she thought she didn't have any fans,("You've Got Fan Mail") tried helping them out by finding them a new Prop House, but also says "I love all four of you." hinting he doesn't love either Nico, Tawni, Zora, Grady or Sonny, or he just can't count. ("Tales From The Prop House"). He also allowed Sonny and her friends throw a prom after realizing how dedicated to work they are ("Promises, Prom-misses"). He and Joy Bitterman used to date but broke up.


Marshall is very easy-going and the most reliable ally of the main cast. Marshall has been able to help pull So Random! together and make it a network success. In fact, his creative efforts on So Random! have worked so well that he earn his own fan mail like the on-screen stars. Marshall is able to point out the weaknesses in any working sketch of So Random! if it lacks irony or punchlines, but he lacks the ability to input ideas himself.

Marshall is known by Sonny and Joy to live off of French Fries and pie, apparently as he has no desire for any meat or bread to go with those fries.



  • Marshall has his own gym in the studio right next to Nico and Grady's / Spatzy Carbuncle's dressing room.
  • Marshall is in his 40s.
  • Marshall went on a date with Ms. Bitterman. They got to like each other in only almost 6 seconds.
  • He is currently in a relationship with a divorced librarian, so he decides to lose weight to impress her. Unfortunately, Nico and Grady were responsible for breaking a wall in his gym.
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