"Does this fat suit make me look fat?"
Gender Female
Profession Waitress
Family & Friends
Production Information
First appearance "West Coast Story"
Portrayed by Sonny Munroe

Madge the Waitress is one of the goofy characters Sonny plays. We don't see the sketch the character is from, however. She has an accent (either Southern or "New York", it isn't specified) and wears a wig that stands up tall. The costume is over a fat suit. Her phrase is "No substitutions!" She was first seen in "West Coast Story", when Sonny was rehearsing her character in her dressing room.

Tawni made fun of Sonny when she was in costume for this character.

  • Sonny: Does this fat suit make me look fat?
  • Tawni: You're wearing a fat suit?
  • Sonny: (dryly) Ha, ha. I was going to tell you how great you were... but now I'm not.
  • Tawni: You just did.
  • Sonny: Darn my niceness!

Tawni treated her like a real waitress and sent her on a "Fro-Yo Run". While getting the frozen yogurt, she happened to meet Chad Dylan Cooper, who thought Madge was real until she explained and gestured to her outfit telling him "all this belongs to Madge too." Chad acted nice, but rudely stole the frozen yogurt she was going to take back to her friends. Sonny was still wearing this outfit when the rest of her cast saw that Mackenzie Falls took their parking space when she took their golf cart to the commissary.