MacKenzie Falls
"MacKenzie Falls: A quaint little town nestled at the corner of life... and dreams."
Format Drama television series
Created by Mr. Condor
Directed by Eric Dean Seaton and others
Written by Dava Savel and others
Starring Chad Dylan Cooper
Marta Balatico
Skyler DeVane
Ferguson Michaels
Chastity Ann DeWitt
Portlyn Maddison
No. of seasons At least 5
No. of episodes More than 200
Production Company Condor Studios

MacKenzie Falls is the number one, award-winning hit tween drama starring Chad Dylan Cooper.

"You know a lot of people would say that it's So Random that we won this award, but it's not So Random, it's NEVER So Random, because MacKenzie Falls Rules! Thank you Tweens!"
------- Chad Dylan Cooper, "West Coast Story"


MacKenzie Falls is a fictional popular prime time soap opera aimed at tweens starring Chad Dylan Cooper who plays the titular character of Mackenzie. The show films in Stage 2, a sound stage adjacent to So Random!. The Guardian describes MacKenzie Falls as "basically every adolescent soap opera from Dawson's Creek to Gossip Girl shoved into a blender." MacKenzie Falls' far-fetched and confusing plots parody those of teen dramas prompted Tawni to ask Chad, "What is your show even about?."

MacKenzie Falls won the Tween Choice Award in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009.

According to an interview with Sterling Knight, MacKenzie Falls airs during 8/7c on Wednesdays, right after So Random!. So Random! and MacKenzie Falls have had a long time rivalry.

It can be assumed that the show was cancelled due to the fact that Chad Dylan Cooper became a regular on So Random in season 3 or because Marta Balatico was arrested.

Rivalry with So Random!

A longstanding rivalry exists between the casts of MacKenzie Falls and So Random! The cast of MacKenzie Falls often criticize the cast of So Random! for being on a comedy show, claiming that they're not real actors. MacKenzie Falls cast members all exhibit snobbish behavior, and are afraid that So Random! will become more popular than MacKenzie Falls. Chad Dylan Cooper is the ring leader of the cast, and the other cast members follow his cues without question. The upscale MacKenzie Falls studio includes a chocolate fountain, gourmet snacks, massage room, and a meditation room for its actors. The studio cook enjoys MacKenzie Falls more than So Random! and therefore expresses favoritism for the former cast, demonstrated when she fed the MacKenzie Falls cast dishes such as steak and lobster and the So Random! cast dog food.

The cast members of MacKenzie Falls are all quite superficial and vain. In the episode "Sonny at the Falls", the cast tricks Sonny into leaving the So Random! cast and hanging out with them. Despite the prominent rivalry between shows, it was shown in "Falling for the Falls" that the So Random! cast got hooked to MacKenzie Falls at one point or another.

Selena Gomez comes on "Battle of the Network's Stars" as a guest star (playing herself) and plays Sonny in Chad's movie. Everyone in the So Random! cast is in the movie excluding Sonny. Selena plays Sonny very well but Sonny disagrees. Sonny then gives Selena some pointers on how she thinks she should play the part of Sonny in the movie.

When Chad starts dating Sonny, both MacKenzie Falls and So Random! are not in approval. Though as Sonny and Chad continue dating, the casts seem to be able to, at the very least, tolerate their relationship. The cast of So Random! and Chad even appear to have formed a bond through Sonny. This is best shown in "Sonny With a Secret", when the So Random! cast enlists Chad's help when they believe that Tawni is out to get Sonny. As Sonny and Chad's relationship moves forward, the casts appear to be more civilized with each other for their co-stars' sakes.

In "Chad Without a Chance", Sonny's So Random! co-stars are shown to be completely disgusted by Sonny and Chad's relationship and even after Sonny attempts to bring them closer, it seems that Chad and the Randoms are just too stubborn to be friends.


Major Characters


  • Portrayed by Chad Dylan Cooper. Mackenzie is the main character of MacKenzie Falls. He inherited his father's water business, which led to his rivalry with his half-brother Devon. He has two love interests, Penelope and the new girl Chloe. His best friend is Trevor, whom he participated with in the Annual Falls Golf Tournament. He appears to fence, usually against Devon. In "Sword of Mackenzie", it was revealed that Mackenzie has a twin brother who's very similar to him except for his voice.


  • Portrayed by Marta Balatico. One of Mackenzie's love interests, her family's business provides the bottles that Mackenzie's water comes in. She despises the new girl Chloe and constantly insults her about being poor. She is in love with Mackenzie and sees Chloe as a threat. She was voted 'Most likely to climb her way to the top' in the yearbook. She went to jail so it's not sure if she is coming back.


  • Portrayed by Skyler DeVane. Mackenzie's half-brother, he despises Mackenzie for inheriting their father's water business. He dedicates his time to scheming about ways to steal the business from Mackenzie. He is the founder and only member of the VIM (Vengeance is Mine) Society. He appears to fence, usually against Mackenzie. He was voted 'Least likely to forgive and forget' in the yearbook.


  • Portrayed by Chastity Ann DeWitt. Chloe is new girl and she is in the lowest 2% of wealthy families in town. Penelope sees her as a threat in getting close to Mackenzie and constantly insults her about being poor. She is in love with Mackenzie.


  • Portrayed by Ferguson Michaels. Mackenzie's best friend, he is funny, but a bit clueless. He lets nothing come between his friendship with Mackenzie, whom he participated with in the Annual Falls Golf Tournament. He was voted 'Best Best Friend' in the year book.

Former Characters




  • Portrayed by Portlyn Maddison. She attends the same school as the main characters and appears to be in love with Mackenzie. She disappeared in a ballooning accident.

Mackenzie's Evil Twin Brother

  • Portrayed by Chad Dylan Cooper. He's exactly like Mackenzie except for his voice.
  • Unlike Mackenzie, he does not have a scar in his hand.

Guest Stars


Season 3 Finale: Sword of Mackenzie

  • Summary: Mackenzie was disappointed that Chloe couldn't come to his party, only to find out that she was kidnapped by a mysterious man.
  • Featured in: Sonny With A Chance Vol. 1 DVD Sonny's Big Break

Episode 10

  • Summary: Chad mentioned that Mackenzie's hair caught on fire during the prom.
  • Featured in "Promises, Prom-misses".

Episode 16

  • Summary: Chad mentioned that Mackenzie got hit on the head by a faulty disco ball while attending another prom.
  • Featured in "Promises, Prom-misses".

Episode 319: "Bigfoot Gets the Girl..."

  • Summary: The episode is about a couple that takes a drive up to Lookout Mountain for a romantic evening when Bigfoot comes out of the woods and scares them. The guy gets so freaked out he runs away. That incident gets the girl to break up with the guy.
  • Featured in "The Heartbreak Kid".
  • Written by Dava Savel.

"Last Year's Season Finale" (Season 2)

  • Summary: Chad mentioned that Mackenzie's Prom Date turned out to be his long lost sister
  • Featured in "Promises, Prom-misses".

"Christmas Episode"

  • Summary: Chad mentioned this episode is the one James Conroy stars in. In the end of the episode, the bad boy bank robber realized he had a "wonderful life".
  • Featured in "Sonny With a Chance of Dating".

Note: It is assumed that the season finale of the first season is MacKenzie finding out that Devon is his half brother though this is not certain.

Film Adaptation

"Bangs and Fangs"
  • Summary: The cast of MacKenzie Falls get bitten by vampires and get super cool hair.
  • Featured in "Sonny with a Song".


  • "Opening"
  • "The New Season"
  • "Blood & Water"
  • "New Girl in Town"
  • "Bottled Emotions"
  • "Homecoming"
  • "Pluses and Minuses"
  • "All's Fair in the Science Fair"
  • "It All Comes Down to This!"

In-series lines

"West Coast Story"

  • Mackenzie: Look, Portlyn, summer's almost over and when fall comes back to the Falls, I need to be free. You have a balloon to catch. Ssh. Time for talking's over. Cause, So Random! 's on. It's my favorite show.

"Sonny at the Falls"

  • Mackenzie: Now I've taken you from your world, your friends, from everything you've ever loved. Trust me, you'll... you'll be happier here. You trust me, don't you?

"Sonny With a Chance of Dating"

  • Bad Boy Bank Robber: Give me all of your money!

  • Bad Boy Bank Robber: You'll never take me alive!

  • Bad Boy Bank Robber: You'll still never take me alive! But I forgot something!

"Sonny in the Middle"

  • Mackenzie: Hey kid. Why so sad?

"Falling for the Falls"

  • Mackenzie: The Falls have been in the family for generations, Chloe.

  • Mackenzie: Chloe... maybe... maybe it's me. maybe it's the horse. Maybe it's... the Falls.
  • Chloe: Oh Mack... how much longer can we keep denying our feelings for each other?
  • Mackenzie: Until I can be sure that one of us isn't going to get hurt.

  • Mackenzie: It's weird Chloe... I never experienced this feeling before...

  • Mackenzie: ...of my own destiny, Chloe. I'm just so confused. If I don't ask Chloe out after they unveil my statue, I may never get the chance... or the courage again.

  • Mackenzie: I need to talk to you right away.

  • Mackenzie: This is exactly what I was afraid of if I asked you out. That I would end up either broken or brokenhearted. I just never imagined it would be both, Chloe.(when he actually he says it he says Sonny)

  • Mackenzie: Chloe, if we're going to do this, nobody can find out.
  • Chloe: Our secret will stay safe with me.
  • Mackenzie: Let's... Polka.

"Sonny With a Secret"

  • Penelope: Without my bottles, your water is useless.
  • Mackenzie: Without my water, your bottles are just... empty. Like your heart.

  • Penelope: I'm giving you one last chance, Mackenzie. If you don't give me your water, I'll fill my bottles from the tap.


  • Chad and the cast of So Random! calls the rest of the MacKenzie Falls cast by the name of their characters.
  • Every So Random! cast member has been a MacKenzie Falls fan.
  • The season finale of the first three seasons of MacKenzie Falls is Mackenzie finding out he has yet another sibling.


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