06 lucy
Gender Female
Family & Friends
Friends Sonny Munroe
Tawni Hart
Production Information
First appearance "Three's Not Company"
Portrayed by Eden Sher

Lucy (Eden Sher) is Sonny Munroe's best friend back in Wisconsin. She came on a visit in "Three's Not Company". She brought Sonny a meatball sandwich from her favorite sandwich shop Zidel's back in Wisconsin. After arriving at Hollywood, she met Tawni Hart and was starstruck. Lucy decided to hang out with both Tawni and Sonny instead of doing what Sonny's fun-genda had planned for the two of them. Sonny told Lucy that Tawni acts like a queen, but Lucy firsts acts like Tawni is one.

Chad told Lucy and Sonny to come to his party, and after Chad was gone, Lucy asked Sonny if they could go to Chad's party. However, Sonny lied just so she could spend more time with her. That same night Sonny and Lucy were doing blindfolded make-overs when Tawni came in looking all pretty and ready to go to Chad's party. When Lucy realized that Sonny lied, she got mad at her and is taken by Lucy to the party. Later, at the party, Sonny apologizes and explains that she missed her so much and she just wanted to have her all to herself. Lucy forgives Sonny for not being a good friend and hugs her, knocking over a cardboard cut-out of Chad. The knocking over the cardboard cut-out then causes a chain reaction which results in Chad falling into his birthday cake. At the end, both Tawni and Lucy forgive Sonny, and the three girls ate cake off Chad's face.

She will return in the sequel Lucy Comes back.