Loser Force Five
Loser Force Five
From left to right: Bed Head, Bubblewrap Girl, Flatulance, Robo Baby, and Static Electra
Seen in "Sonny at the Falls"
Starring Sonny Munroe
Tawni Hart
Zora Lancaster
Nico Harris
Grady Mitchell

Loser Force Five was a sketch by So Random! in the episode "Sonny at the Falls". Its original title was "The Lame Superheroes."

Character descriptions

Bubblewrap Girl - (Sonny) She wears bubblewrap all across her body, although it's unknown how she stops enemies.

Bed Head- (Tawni) Her attire is pink pajamas, and a messy hair-do. She uses her morning breath and matted hair to wipe away her opponents.

Robo Baby - (Nico) A tall, chubby robotic baby. He wears a utility diaper, and carries a pacifier with him. His weapon of choice is a Pooperang.

Static Electra - (Zora) The youngest of the squad, she wears a blue costume with lightning bolts on it. Her cape is made of carpet, a great conductor of electricity. She defeats evil by rubbing her feet across the carpet and shocking them with the static electricity.

Flatulance- (Grady) As the name suggests, he uses his flatulance to overpower his enemies. He dresses in a yellow and red costume.



  • This sketch is a spoof on Superdude.
  • The background is used for a minigame in the DS game, Find Chad!
  • At one time it was the Loser Force Four