Joy Bitterman
12 msbitterman
Gender Female
Profession Teacher
Family & Friends
Friends Marshall Pike (ex boyfriend)
Hank (ex boyfriend (presumed))
Pet(s) Dr. Mittens
Mr. Davenport
Mrs. Davenport
And Eight Other Cats
Production Information
First appearance "Cheater Girls"
Portrayed by Vicki Lewis

Joy Bitterman (Vicki Lewis) is the teacher to the So Random! cast. Her last name reflects her personality rather than her first. She claims she has not laughed since she left the Navy and most of the So Random! cast accepts that statement as fact, when truly, Ms. Bitterman does laugh in the comedy show, or cackles when she is mocking the kids about their less than perfect grades or most other simple mistakes that they make. She also screams loudly as if watching a horror movie when the cast members get F's on their tests.


Cheater Girls

Joy Bitterman mentions that she hasn't laughed since she finished serving in the Navy. Later on, Bitterman is forced to give Sonny a D on her geometry test.

"The Heartbreak Kid"

In the episode "The Heartbreak Kid", she goes on a date with Marshall, the producer of So Random!. Sonny and Tawni try to make Ms. Bitterman break up with Marshall because she had become more and more involved in the sketches on So Random!, and her ideas greatly annoyed the cast. They had succeeded in breaking the two up, though they seem to remain on friendly terms with one another.

When Ms. Bitterman was younger, she was an actress in a play called "12 Angry Men." The play was performed by Ms. Bitterman during her time in the Navy, and in it she acts the roles of twelve men who state that they are very angry, wear beards and grumble a lot. It may be that it is supposed to be a comedic play, a parody on the actual play, "Twelve Angry Men," a 1954 teleplay by Reginald Rose.

"The Legend of Candy Face"

In "The Legend of Candy Face", Ms. Bitterman served as the chaperone to the casts of So Random! and MacKenzie Falls during their camping trip. She kept swallowing bugs and played a theme song based on the Candyface legend with her cello. Her cello might have been damaged because it fell to the ground after she swallowed a bug while singing. Also, the other kids thought that she was Candyface, despite that her face was clearly seen though. But after that, she sings the dramatic song of Candyface with the other kids.

"The Problem With Pauly"

Ms. Bitterman's tragic love life continued in "The Problem with Pauly", where she revealed that she had been dating a man named Hank, who plays the role of "Pauly" on Pauly and Pals. She even bribed Tawni a "C+" for her late essay if Tawni will find Hank for her. Their relationship ends abruptly when her cat, Dr. Mittens, violently attacked Hank in a smoothie shop.