04 josh
Josh talking to Chad
Gender Male
Profession Mail Delivery Boy
Family & Friends
Friends Chad Dylan Cooper
Tawni Hart
Frenemies Sonny Munroe
Production Information
First appearance "You've Got Fan Mail"
Portrayed by Brent Tarnol

Josh (Brent Tarnol) is the mail delivery boy at the Condor Studios who appears in the episode "You've Got Fan Mail".


Josh is a bit shy and seems to be intimidated by stars such as Tawni. He doesn't correct people when they have incorrect information about him. (ex. He also allows Chad to call him "Jeff" without correcting him.).

Job at Condor Studios

Josh's job is to deliver mail the cast and crew of all the shows at Condor Studios. He takes his job very seriously and is quite particular about how things should be done (ex. Josh was disappointed by how Chad stamps an envelope). He is also very protective of his mail cart (ex. Chad asks to push it, but Josh refuses).