Hoosier Girl is a show shot on the Condor Studio Lot. This show can only be seen in a poster in the cafeteria. From the picture on the poster, it can be assumed the show is about a country girl, who lives in the state of Indiana. The show's tv slogan is "Watch out Indiana, here she comes" .


  • The Show is a parody of the Canadian TV Show "Heartland", which has the same logo, just different actors.
  • This is the only Condor Studios show not to be mentioned by anyone in the show.
  • "Hoosier Girl" is the name of a club/bar located in Indiana in which the ladies take their clothes off and dance for paying customers. True. 
  • Hoosier Girl Cakery is located in Monroe, Georgia ... interesting why? Sonny's last name ... Monroe. :) 
  • Several books have been written bearing "Hoosier Girl" as/in their titles.
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