Dolphin Boy
Dolphin Boy
Seen in "Sketchy Beginnings"
"Tales From the Prop House"
Starring Grady Mitchell
Nico Harris
Tawni Hart

Dolphin Boy was a sketch in "Sketchy Beginnings"and later "Tales From The Prop House" about a part human, part dolphin boy who blows water from his blowhole when he becomes nervous.


This sketch opens with Dolphin Boy talking to Randy in a school hallway about asking a girl (Caitlin) to the school dance. Dolphin Boy claims he's not nervous, but as soon as the school bell rings he begins shooting water from his blowhole signifying he's actually nervous. He reveals to Randy that he's nervous that Caitlin will turn him down because he's half-dolphin and she's all woman. Randy convinces him to go through with asking Caitlin out. Dolphin Boy agrees, but only after he empties himself out. He begins squirting water from his blowhole at everyone in the hall. After Dolphin Boy is completely emptied out (or so he thinks), Caitlin walks over and greets them. Dolphin Boy asks Caitlin to the dance and she accepts because "who doesn't love dolphins". Randy and Dolphin Boy celebrate as Caitlin says, she'll see him Saturday. Dolphin Boy takes Caitlin's hand and leans over to kiss it as part of his farewell to her. But as soon as Dolphin Boy leans over, water shoots from his blowhole and shoots Caitlin off screen. Dolphin Boy and Randy look at each other in shock.

Dolphin Boy Theme Song

When he gets nervous
Better bring your mop
It's not on porpoise
When he blows his top!
He's Dolphin Boy!
"Who da mammal?"




  • "Dolphin Boy" and "MacKenzie Stalls " are the only sketches that feature Grady as the main protagonist.
  • Grady reveals in "Tales From the Prop House" that he has a hard time holding his urine when he really has to go. He says this is what inspired "Dolphin Boy".
  • Nico and Grady are best friends in the sketch and the series at the same time.
  • This sketch is famous. But, it is only seen twice.
  • This sketch can be seen in the DS game.
  • Dolphin Boy is the first sketch to be seen in the series.
  • Because of this sketch, Grady and Nico are the first characters to be seen in the series; not Sonny.
  • Even though "Tales From The Prop House" shows this sketch as well, it is the exact same sketch shown in the first episode.
  • In the episode "High School Miserable", Sonny mentions this sketch while referring to the recent sketch character robberies made by Dakota.
  • The theme song is sung by Danny Jacob and Laura Dickinson.