Check It Out Girls
Check it Out Girls
Seen in "Cheater Girls"
"Tales From the Prop House"
"Sonny Get Your Goat"
"A So Random! Halloween Special"
Starring Sonny Munroe
Tawni Hart
Nico Harris
Grady Mitchell
Zora Lancaster

Check It Out Girls is a sketch in "Cheater Girls", "Tales From the Prop House", "Sonny Get Your Goat", and "A So Random! Halloween Special". It involves two cashiers who are best friends. They begin every sentence with: "Check it out!" The sketch was a hit and is popular around the world, especially in Glendovia ("Sonny Get Your Goat"). They always get their customers to leave the store and never come back because they are so bad. Which brings up this question. How did they get their jobs as cashiers?


  • Check it Out! Check it Out!
  • Check it Out! Our First Fight!
  • Halloween Check it Out!



Guest Star(s)

Theme Song

They're the best of friends,
With the worst of 'tudes
They're the check it out girls
and they're checking out for you
Check it out!


Annoyed Robber: Excuse me. How about checking out my groceries?
Sabrina and Alexa: Sure!
Alexa: Check out his cereal.
Sabrina: Check out his tuna panini.
Annoyed Robber: (sticks finger into jacket pocket) All right, drop the panini and give me all of your money!
Alexa: Check out greedy panini guy.
Sabrina: Check out his finger in his jacket.
Alexa: Check out his jacket!
Sabrina: Check out my jacket!
Alexa: Oh my gosh, check it out, I have the same jacket!
Annoyed Robber: I'm trying to rob you here!
Sabrina: Check out Mr. Pushy!
Alexa: Check out Mr. Pushy's pants.
Sabrina: His pants? Check out Mr. Pushy's...
Annoyed Robber: Ugh! Forget it!
Alexa: Check it out he was kinda cute.
Sabrina: Check you out he was a robber!
Alexa: Not a good one!
Sabrina: Right! Maybe he'll come back tomorrow.
Alexa: Ooh and then we can re-check him out. Check out dance?
Sabrina: Check out dance.

(Song: Check It Out Girls Theme Song)

They're the best of friends,


With the worst of 'tudes

They're the check it out girls

and they're checking out for you

Check it out!



  • Sonny wanted to expand the "Check it Out Girls", such as "Check It Out Girls on Ice", or a "Check It Out Girls Movie". Tawni agreed with her on this. This is one of the few times Tawni and Sonny ever agree on a sketch.
  • This is the second repeated sketch after "Gassie the Toot'n Pooch". So far this sketch has appeared three times in the series: twice in Season 1 and twice in Season 2.
  • Tawni wanted to come out with Check it Out Girls Lunch boxes while Sonny wants to come out with Check It Out pull string dolls.
  • As so far, the witch was the only one who successfully got revenge on the Check It Out Girls.
  • Interestingly, Nico and Grady would have been the first "Check It Out Guys". In "Sonny Get Your Goat", Dinka would have been the third one.
  • Shaquilla (Shaquille O' Neal as Dracula) and a zombie (played by Nico) seem to be the only one who did not get insulted by the Check-It-Out Girls.
  • The starting tune in the sketch is different from Season 2. In Season 1, the tune is going down. But, in Season 2, the tune is already down and is going up to its original tune.
  • Zora is the only memeber of So Random! that has not been a "Check It Out" Girl/Guy.
  • The Check It Out Girls were really small at one time. Since it is obvious it is edited, the "studio audience" in A So Random! Halloween Special doesn't see it including the taping audience.