Channy is the pairing of Chad Dylan Cooper and Sonny Munroe.


Channy Kiss

When the two first met in West Coast Story", Sonny was new to Hollywood, and Chad's charm left her starstruck. However, she soon learned of the rivalry between the casts of So Random! and MacKenzie Falls and of Chad's rude behavior toward the So Random! cast. Still, being the independent person that she was, Sonny allowed a "frenemy" relationship to develop between them, feuding with him over pointless things one second and sharing a heartfelt conversation the next. They had dated for a while, and kissed for the first time in the episode "Sonny With a Kiss." The So Random!' cast has never been able to completely accept their relationship and are always grossed out whenever Sonny and Chad are sharing a moment in their presence as seen in "Sonny With a Secret" and "Chad Without a Chance." They first started dating in "Falling for the Falls."  The term "Channy" has since been used in the episode "Chad Without a Chance" as a couple name for the two. The couple name "Channy" is also repeatedly used in the episode "Sonny With a Kiss." The name is used to the point that Chad and Sonny are sick of the name because they feel it places too much pressure on them to be the "perfect" couple. They break up in the episode "Sonny With a Choice," and remain broken up in the following episode, "New Girl." Although, it is apparent they still have feelings for each other. It is unknown whether or not Sonny and Chad will ever reunite due to Demi Lovato's departure from Sonny With a Chance. The chances of them reuniting are 50/50, due to Lovato's departure, and the show being canceled, but, it does not look likely that they will reconcile.


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15 itsasignedpictureofyou

Sonny holding a photo... of Chad

Chad - "Fine!"

Sonny - "Fine!"

Chad - "Good!"

Sonny - "Good!"

Chad- "Really, Sonny, Really."

Chad-"Cut My lady on the set!"

Channy Moments

These moments illuminate the relationship between Chad and Sonny.

Tween Weekly Online

Season 1

West Coast Story

  • When Sonny first sees Chad, she's speechless and starstruck.
  • Sonny receives her first autographed picture of Chad.
  • Chad tells Sonny that "Sonny" is a nice name.Chad leans in and smiles at Sonny as he leaves.Sonny acts shy and blushes as they say goodbye.
  • This is the first time Chad says to Sonny "Do they, Sonny? Do they really?" The lights dim after Chad says those words and he starts to talk dramatically/romantically and holds Sonny's hand. After the moment, Sonny appears awestruck before snapping out of it.
  • When Sonny faked a hurt ankle, Chad fell for her trick and tried to help her up and not only was it the trick it was because he was worried that she might have really been hurt.
  • Chad complimented Sonny's acting and said she might actually be a good new character for his show.
  • As Sonnys telling Chad of how much of a jerk he is, he smiles down at her.

Sonny at the Falls

  • After Sonny's cast members reject her sketch idea, leaving her sad,
    20eea2810730451d049f7410a81ed572 jpg 350x500 q85

    Chad persuading Sonny to come hang out at the falls for a while.

    Chad comes over to cheer her up.
  • While Chad talks to her he leans his head close to Sonny's.
  • Chad leaves Sonny all smiles when he invited her to come over to "The Falls".
  • Chad helped Sonny out of her chair.
  • Chad said remembering names takes effort and interest, but he remembered Sonny's name.
  • Chad puts his arm around Sonny's waist when introducing her to the rest of the MacKenzie Falls cast.
    03 sonnyinmackfallsuniform
  • Sonny was the only So Random! cast member who was not on Chad's "Do Not Admit" wall.

You've Got Fan Mail

04 backstage

"And I thought we were having a real moment here."

  • Chad thought Sonny said "good luck" to him.
  • Chad was the only person to know that Sonny was "Eric" before she took off the costume in front of Tawni.
  • When Sonny and Chad were talking backstage of So Random!, Sonny thought they were having a moment.
  • Chad spared Sonny embarrassment when he went on the show as "Eric" for her.
  • Sonny seems touched that Chad actually cared enough to dress up as Eric for her. Chad tries to cover it up by saying he just wanted to try on the beard that went along with the Eric costume.

Three's Not Company

  • When Sonny said that she was not coming to his party, Chad seemed a bit hurt that she was the only
    06 sonnysnotcoming
  • When Chad sees Sonny at his party, he says he was glad she could make it, puts his arm around her and asks her if she brought him a gift.
  • When Lucy said that Chad was even cuter than his cardboard cut out, Sonny laughed and nodded in agreement.
  • Chad lets Sonny make her speech to Lucy even though he and his security were coming after her.
  • Chad sends a cardboard cutout of himself to Sonny and Tawni's dressing room personally inviting them to his party.
  • When Sonny was upset in the Prop House, Chad started talking to his cardboard cut out she thought that he was talking to her.

Fast Friends

  • 08 chadcrashessonnysinterview

    "My Sonny's my favorite member of So Random!."

    When Chad compliments her that she is "going to go places," Sonny smiles wide.
  • Sonny was pleased when he gave compliments and showed kindness toward her.
  • Chad said Sonny was his favorite member of So Random!.
  • Sonny-chance-fast-friends-06
    When Sonny says Chad's dog is "cute", Chad says Cupcake reminded him of Sonny, therefore saying that Sonny is cute.
  • Chad gives Sonny props for her clever plan and says they should hang out sometime. When Sonny reminded him that the camera was off, Chad said he knew. Then Sonny smiles/blushes at his response.
  • As Sonny walks away from the dog houses, Chad watches her with a smile.
  • Chad says Sonny's adorable.
  • Chad said that he likes Sonny.
  • Chad puts him arm around Sonny while he compliments her.
  • Chad admits he likes Sonny, and that he's sorry that the world doesn't know the real her.

Sonny With a Chance of Dating

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  • When Tawni Hart was talking to Chad about Sonny and James Conroy' date, Chad seemed jealous.
  • Chad tries to pretend not to care about Sonny and James' date, but Tawni and James can see through him.
  • While Sonny and James were on their date, Tawni and Chad butted in for different reasons. Tawni, because she didn't want to see Sonny be left heartbroken, and Chad because he was obviously jealous.
  • Chad confessed that Sonny was "cute," and that "she can't do anything without it be
    09 fakedate

    "Oh yeah. We make a good couple. Hypothetically."

    ing cute". ("Stupid cute!")
  • Sonny's fake date was Chad. Instead of asking Nico or Grady to be her fake date, she asked a rival show member for help.
  • Chad and Sonny say that they are not enjoying their date, but during the date they seem to enjoy it.
  • Sonny asks Chad to put his arm around her, and Chad asks Sonny to put her head on his shoulder. Chad asked Sonny to put her head on his shoulder apparently for his benefit, hinting that he likes her. After she does that, Sonny says, "This is nice" and quickly adds "in theory". In the same way, Chad says "We make a good couple" and adds "theoretically", even though it was obvious that they were both trying to cover the fact that they were enjoying their fake date.
    Sonny and Chad-Fake date2
  • When Sonny got a text from James (using Chad's phone) saying he wants her back, Chad had a look of disappointment while saying, "Already?", hinting he liked her.
  • While being confronted, Sonny fake-kisses Chad by remembering to put her hand over his mouth before appearing to kiss him.
  • There was a hint that Chad really wanted Sonny to kiss him even though she only fake-kissed him. Before leaving, he said he would put that they kissed on his blog.
  • Chad seemed to have liked the kiss until he knew it was fake.
  • Sonny and Chad are able to guess what exactly the title and synopsis of the episode/sketch they were filming for their respective shows.
  • Sonny could of left the arcade with Tawni, but instead she stayed with Chad.

Sonny and the Studio Brat

  • Sonny-epi-10-2

    Chad and Sonny briefly holding hands.

    When the walls were falling down and everyone was scared, Sonny grabbed Chad's arm, then she let go before anyone could notice.
  • After all the walls fell down Sonny was holding on to Chad's shoulder.
  • Sonny dialed Chad's number from memory.
  • When the walls just started to fall, Chad grabbed Sonny and sort of pulled her away from the falling wall, to stop her getting hurt. And when
    Mr. Condor was advancing, they both (very briefly) held hands.
  • When Chad pretended to be under a tunnel on the phone, he says that he and Sonny should hang out sometime.
  • Dakota got in the way of Chad and Sonny dancing. Sonny tells Chad that she feels "a little 3rd wheel-ish", but thanks him for the dance anyway.
  • Sonny was the only person to know that Chad thinks Hannah and Miley are two different people.
  • When Sonny is wearing a silly hat, Chad smiles sweetly down at her before saying "Oh, and you in a dumb hat", and spins the hat/cap's wheels, in a manner that shows he thinks she's cute.
  • When Mr. Condor was yelling, Chad and Sonny held hands.

Promises, Prom-misses

  • Sonny was concerned when she saw Chad's fake black eye.
  • When Chad said "It's hard to believe that I can look this good when I lok this bad", Sonny doesn't reply. Then Chad says "Normally that would have charmed you, what's up with yo
    u?" which shows he cares about her.
  • Sonny and Chad talk on the phone for apparently a long time as they each say 'good'.
  • In "Sonny And The Studio Brat", when Sonny calls Chad, his answering machine says that if the person was important enough, they would have the number to the phone he actually answers. In this episode, when Sonny calls Chad, he picks up his phone. Seemingly, Sonny has either gotten the number to the phone he answers or Chad gave it to her.
  • Chad knows Sonny's cell phone number.
  • Chad calls Sonny to continue their 'fight'.
  • Chad looks disappointed when Sonny says "Hey, Chad, can't talk right now I'm in a hurry."
  • Sonny uninvites Chad after he says proms were not cool. Chad was hurt but tries to cover it up by using reverse psychology.
    11 ihavemymoments
  • After everyone left, Sonny was standing there feeling sad and hurt. Chad appears out of nowhere and tries to cheer her up, by offering her a slow dance. She accepts. Chad presses play, revealing a fast beat song causing them to dance fast. Still though, they danced romantically before he'd pressed it, and Chad seemed completely smitten with her.
  • Chad stayed after everyone left the prom, seemingly waiting for Sonny, showing he obviously only came to the prom to spend time with her.
  • Sonny says that Chad slow dancing with her is sweet.
  • Chad said to Sonny that once he'll have the perfect dance to the perfect person. Then he danced with Sonny, which means Sonny's the perfect person Chad's wants to dance with.

The Heartbreak Kid

  • At first when Chad offers Sonny a trip to Lookout Mountain, she says no, protesting that it's a date
    12 lookoutmtn

    Chad and Sonny at Lookout Mountain

    place. But after Chad starts to talk about Marshall and Mrs. Bitterman, she is forced to agree. After Chad left though, a small, excited smile is shown on Sonny's face before the camera fades into the next scene.
  • Sonny has a romantic moment with Chad up by Lookout Mountain, although she is nervous about being
    alone with him.
  • Chad didn't freak out when Sonny laughed weirdly after he said that stars don't have their own show. He just smiled, as if he though she was cute.
  • Chad promised Sonny an unforgettable evening on top of Lookout Mountain.
  • When Nico and Grady, dressed as Bigfoot, popped out in front of them, Sonny grabbed Chad's hand in fear.
  • Chad looks hurt when Sonny calls his show and idea terrible and mentions she doesn't watch the show.
  • Both Chad and Sonny "know people".
  • Sonny knows Chad enough to predict what he will do.

Battle of the Network's Stars

  • Sonny's voice gets higher when she's in denial. Her voice got higher when she was telling Selena she doesn't like Chad.
  • Sonny was kind of surprised, sad and a little mad that Selena kissed Chad.
  • Chad denied liking Sonny, looking slightly distressed about the situation, just as Sonny had. When Selena said: "I think you're mad about how much you like her." Chad agreed, saying "right, right." before realizing what he had said.
  • Using reverse psychology, Selena got Chad to reveal that he thinks that Sonny has pretty hair, and got Sonny to admit that she thinks that Chad has sparkly eyes.
  • Selena also got them to say that they both had a right if they wanted to like each other.
  • When Sonny asked Chad if he really thought she had pretty hair, Chad looks at the ground and moves his feet shyly, while mumbling - "I dunno...." and when Chad asked Sonny if she really thought he had
    13 needasonny

    "So, do you wanna be in my movie? I kinda need a Sonny."

sparkly eyes, Sonny does the same and mumbles, "I dunno..." and then adds, "Well, one of them is."

  • Chad gave in to Sonny by giving Sonny her the part for his movie, rather than giving her an audition.
  • Sonny is portrayed in Chad's movie as liking him very much saying things like "oh dreamy dreamy Chad" this suggests that, that is what he wants.
  • Chad writes all these love scenes with Sonny even though they never happened
  • Selena realizes Sonny and Chad are perfect for each other
  • Sonny uses Chad's line, "Really, Chad, Really?" causing Chad to give her the part.


  • Chad got Sonny an audition because he just wanted be nice and considerate.
  • When Sonny does her impression of "Fashionita!", we could see Chad smiling at her from her side. When Tawni did her impression, Chad just looked freaked out.
  • After Sonny does her 'Fashionita' impression, she starts bouncing in place. Seeing this, Chad smiles at her again.
  • When Chad was trying to scare the So Random! crew, he turned around and seemed to wink directly towards Sonny.
  • Chad set up an audition for Sonny and not Tawni.
  • Chad smiles when he sees that Sonny had called him.
  • Sonny and Chad are the only ones from the rival shows to have each other's numbers.
  • Chad always stands near Sonny when he enters a room with her in it.
  • Chad calls Sonny his "little helper" when she gives him the idea of setting up a fake audition for Tawni.

Tales From the Prop House

15 itsasignedpictureofyou

"Wow. It's a signed picture. Of you."

  • Chad gives Sonny an autographed picture of himself that says "To my biggest fan, I'm sorry, TV's Chad Dylan Cooper". Sonny said that was sweet and she was touched. While reading the inscription, Chad was looking down, shyly, seeming almost nervous about what Sonny would think. This is the second autographed picture Sonny received from Chad.
  • Sonny says that Chad only listens to one tone, which is hers.
  • Sonny answered Chad in a flirty tone.
  • When the MacKenzie Falls cast were meditating, Chad was screaming and shouting at Tawni, Nico, Grady and Zora but with Sonny he used a pleasant and sweet tone.
  • Sonny was touched by Chad calling her his biggest fan.
  • Chad smiles when he sees that Sonny liked his gift to her.
  • Sonny gives Chad a hard hat to protect him from the rubble falling from the floor above. Although intended for the overall prank, she did it secretly with good intentions.
  • When Chad was giving Sonny her gift, you could see Tawni using "Bluegh" noises, hinting that she knows something is going on between them.
  • Chad is nice to Sonny in this episode.
  • Chad gave Sonny a present.
  • Sonny said it was so sweet of Chad to stop by, until she realized what they were doing.

Sonny in the Kitchen with Dinner

  • Chelous

    Chad somewhat "jealous."

    Chad was both upset and jealous when he found out from the cover of Tween Weekly that Sonny kissed Hayden.
  • When showing the picture on Tween Weekly, he gets angry when she just shrugs and he mimicks her. He asks who the guy in the picture is and when Tawni from her dressing room shouts The love of my life! Chad angrily yells, looking furious as well; Then why is she kissing him!?
  • When Sonny's phone went down the drain, it accidentally called Chad. Chad answered the phone to hear only crushing metal. Later, he busted down Sonny's apartment door just to see if she was ok.
  • Chad has a cute picture of Sonny on his phone and always answers her calls nicely.
  • The picture of Sonny on Chad's phone is either a picture he took himself, meaning he asked Sonny for a picture, as she is looking directly at Chad in the picture, so he couldn't have taken it without her knowing. Or he bought or uploaded her picture from the net, meaning he made an effort to have her picture, when she would call him.
  • Sonny takes a piece of Chad's sandwich off his shirt.
  • Sonny talks to Chad in a flirty tone.

    "Say it..."

  • Chad cut his massage to an hour to see Sonny, this proves that he was actually worried about Sonny and took the time to go and check on her.
  • Sonny and Chad both have each others numbers even though they're rivals.
  • Chad apparently knows where Sonny lives, which is funny since they're rivals.
  • Chad trusted Sonny to use the tickets he gave her "responsibly".

Guess Who's Coming to Guest Star

17 lostinchadseyes

"Wow. I never realized what a deep shade of blue your eyes are."

  • Chad compared Sonny to his mother when he saw Sonny cut the crust off his "sammich": "Wow, you cut the crust off the way my mommy does!" This is a compliment, as Chad cares a great deal about his mother. It is perhaps a bit strange compliment, but after all, it's Chad.
  • Sonny took the time to make Chad a nice "sammich" and cut the crust off, just for him.
  • Chad told Sonny he likes her.
  • Sonny knew Chad well enough to predict (subconsciously) him coming over to her dressing room with two tubes of lip balm in his hands.
  • Sonny actually had a dream of kissing Chad and smiled in her sleep.
  • Four of Chad's predictions on what Sonny would experience came true: nervousness, stumbling, dreaming about him, and getting lost in his eyes.
  • When Sonny wanted the sketch re-written, Chad admits he likes the sketch by saying,"Why, I love the part where you stub your toe and I come in and say, (dramatically) Tell me where it hurts."
  • Before the live show of So Random!, Chad said that he and Sonny will be in love, even though he's claimed not to have feelings for her. Sonny catches his slip and confronts him about it. Chad manages to stutter out an unconvincing excuse.
  • Sonny is shocked and a little upset when Tawni says that she has already kissed Chad.
  • When Tawni asked Sonny "Do you wanna kiss him?" Sonny replies nervously and stutters afterwards, saying,"Even if I did want to kiss him, I would kiss him whenever I wanted to kiss him, not when he said I was gonna wanna kiss him."
  • During rehearsal (when she is wearing the hats), she said she "never realized what a deep shade of blue [his] eyes are." They both lean in, most likely for a kiss, but Sonny comes to her senses, backs up and says "oh my gosh, what am I doing?!" If you watch Chad the whole time during that part, you could tell by the look on his face he really wanted to kiss Sonny. And when she backed off and exclaimed, he looked like he was snapping out of a trance and tried to cover it up.
  • Chad loved the fact that Marshall was adding a kiss to the sketch.
  • At the end (after he kissed the pig), Chad tried to convince Sonny that she WANTED to kiss him. (Making it seem as though Chad was the one that wanted to kiss her.)

Cookie Monsters

  • When Zora ran off after being kicked out of the blossom scouts, Chad gets really worried because Sonny looks sad, so Chad offers to hug Sonny. Sonny agrees, but Chad ruins the moment by telling Sonny to buy a box of cookies to get a hug. Chad walks off sadly and Sonny looks a bit starstruck.
  • Sonny and Chad began to argue and almost got into a fight, but were held back by Zora and Dakota.
  • Sonny saves Chad's life when he chokes on a cookie.
  • After Sonny saves Chad from choking, Chad said he was acting to help Sonny get her badge, then Sonny said it was real. Either way, one of them was doing something important to the other.

Sonny: So Far

Sonny and Chad before telling each other their secret

Sonny and Chad before telling how they feel about each other.

  • When Gilroy Smith says Chad's catchphrase "Do they, Sonny? Do they really?" she starts to have a flashback to the time she danced with Chad at her prom.
  • When Chad turns up to 'talk about his book', Sonny looked very distressed as if she was afraid that she would accidentally reveal something.
  • Sonny grabs Chad's hand and pulls him down next to her to talk to her.
  • When Gilroy shows a clip of Sonny and Chad when they were talking about the peace picnic, both of them squirmed in their seats, obviously uncomfortable with the situation.
  • They share a moment backstage struggling to tell each other how they feel. It was obvious that Chad was going to say that he liked her.
  • Afterwards, Sonny said, "Wow, that was so much easier to say than I thought it would be..."
  • Chad looks nervous when Sonny says "Yep, right after this commercial break!" as if she was going to spill something to Gilroy.
  • When they were trying to say how they felt about each other, Chad said before she interrupted him: " It's just that...I really like y...
  • Chad and Sonny made a pact that they won't tell secrets about "us". Chad asks if they did have secrets about them, then Sonny wasn't really sure on what she'll answer. So they said their first secret to each other, but Tawni turned off the TV so we didn't know what they said.

Season 2

Walk a Mile in My Pants

  • Sonny happily gets up to tell Chad about her Walk-a-thon for books.
  • When Chad is in the hospital with SPS, he calls Sonny over and says "I love, I mean I deeply love... that more kids will be reading less books because of Chad Dylan Cooper" while holding hands for about 8 seconds. Sonny, who had hoped he was going to say he loved her, replied "Oh no! I think you're coming down with PFS, too!" ("Pillow in the Face Syndrome") and hit him with a pillow. The question is, was she angriest about him bragging about his success, him stopping her cause, or that he didn't say that he loved her?

    Chad and Sonny Singing "Stop SPS"

  • Chad was singing "Stop SPS" with the Randoms when he and Sonny came closer to the camera they stood very close to each other.
  • Chad and Sonny hold hands at one time while they are singing "Stop SPS".
  • Chad calls Sonny and her fellow castmates "hot" in their Tawni Hart's Extreme Skinny Jeans, causing

    Holding hands.

    him to become jealous and buy Tawni's jeans to make MacKenzie Falls look hotter.
  • When Sonny says to Chad "Giving back is what's hot", Chad looks at Sonny's butt before saying "That's what people who don't look hot say".
  • Sonny gets mad when Chad insults her, but still cares for him and everyone.

Gassie Passes
Demisterling memorial4gassie

Chad comes in to cheer Sonny up

  • Chad tried to cheer up Sonny after Gassie "died."

    Chad offers to make a balloon animal

  • When Sonny made the speech about how tacky the funeral was, Chad looked down and looked ashamed
    because he had upset her.
  • Chad was closer to Sonny when she was sitting on the first chair when she moved he again came close to her.
  • Chad wrote Sonny a speech.
  • Chad actually offered to host a funeral for Gassie just to make Sonny happy. He also says he will host it on the MacKenzie Falls set.
  • Chad went out of his way to cheer up Sonny.
  • Chad tried to cheer up Sonny by making her a balloon animal. (And it just so happens that Chad likes balloon animals!)

Sonny with a Song

  • Sonny knew that Chad was scared of spiders and heights.
  • Chad's babangs made Sonny laugh.
  • When she leaves, Sonny gets really close to Chad's face when she blows his babangs.
  • When Sonny saw Chad when she was showing Trey around she smiled big and flirty.

The Legend of Candy Face

  • Sonny plays Penelope aka one of Mackenzie's (chad's) leading ladies in a sketch titled Mackenzie Stalls
  • Chad was actually watching So Random! at the beginning even though he says he has people to watch it for him.
  • When Chad got revenge, Sonny's wasn't as bad but who would have thought to put the plundger on Sonny's butt.
  • Sonny and Chad are partnered together for the trust exercises.
  • During the campfire when Tawni is threatening Sonny, Sonny moves over to sit with Chad.
  • When Sonny and Chad are sitting on the log, she grabs his leg and scoots closer to him, saying that the story Ms. Bitterman is telling is scary, in an exaggerated way.
  • When Sonny is trying to convince everyone that she saw Candy Face, she hugs Chad dramatically, and he hugs her back.

    Sonny dramatically hugs Chad

  • While everyone is in the tent watching what they think is Sonny being murdered, Chad, like the others, has a look of horror on his face.
  • Sonny told Chad not to wear his sandals during the trust exercise, knowing he might step in something.
  • Chad calls Sonny "perky face" with a smile after she talks about how Mackenzie Falls and So Random! bonded.
  • Sonny seems to feel the worse about breaking Chad's Señor Smoothie than everybody else's personal items.
  • Chad stood behind Sonny when they caught Candy Face on Zora's Bat Cam.
  • Chad tells Sonny while they are hugging that he is there to protect her and the others from Candy Face.
  • When Ms. Bitterman comes out looking like Candy Face, Sonny moves back by Chad.

Random Acts of Disrespect

  • Sonny likes to see Chad's hair in curlers and kept trying to peek at it.
    119158 845 pre

    Sonny shocked when she sees Chad wearing curlers.

  • Chad takes a leaf out of Sonny's hair for her.
  • Sonny and Chad bump into each other when Sonny was showing the elderly people around the So Random Set.
  • Sonny is on the verge of laughing when she sees Chad's hair in the curlers and when he calls them his "healthy hair rods".

Falling for the Falls

(Part 1)
31 sonnywillyougooutwithme

"Sonny will you go out with me?"

  • Chad asked Sonny on a date, and looked surprised but happy when Sonny said yes.
  • Sonny walked away with a smile on her face (until she ran back to ask Chad about MacKenzie Falls).
  • When Sonny asks "How long will it be until you ask the girl you're destined to be with?" Chad hesitates a second, has a nervous look and replies, "I'm not sure I can answer that..."
  • When Sonny tells him "When two people are this right for each other, there's only one thing to do." Chad, mistakenly thinking that Sonny was talking about their relationship, looks amazed and says, "How long have you felt this way?"
  • After Chad asks her how long she felt this way, Sonny (who still doesn't know that Chad is misunderstanding her) says, "Just since yesterday. It hasn't been long but it hit me hard like a ton of brick

    Sonny hugs Chad after she cancels their date.

    s." Chad says "I guess I feel the same way." Chad thinks that Sonny likes him and thus reveals that he likes her.
  • After Chad asks Sonny out, the audience starts cheering and screaming as if they were waiting for this to happen.
  • While Sonny realizes that Chad really asked her out, Chad quickly tries to cover it up by babbling about how awkward it is.
  • When Nico says "Sonny, the only thing that you could do which would be a bigger betrayal would be dating Chad!" Sonny fakes a smile and tries to laugh it off, obviously panicking inside.
  • At the MacKenzie Falls set, Chad gets ready to rehearse by saying, "Okay, let's take it from 'I need to talk to you right away.' " Sonny comes in and says "I need to talk to you right away." Chad suddenly gets angry, saying, "That is my line!! Do I need to fire some- " Chad turns and sees Sonny, and immediately says, "Oh hey Sonny." and smiles, instead of yelling at her.
  • When Sonny tries to get them alone together on the MacKenize Falls set, Chad says "That's a 5 everyone. Apparently, I need to talk to my lady."
  • Sonny hugs Chad because she thought she hurt him by canceling their date.
  • Earlier, Chad lies and says that it's a toughie to says which is worse, canceling their date together or getting over MacKenzie Falls. When Chad arrives at Sonny's house, he admits that canceling the date was worse and it "wasn't a toughie at all."
  • When the other cast members of So Random! ask why Chad was even at Sonny's house in the first place, Sonny looked as if she was going to tell her cast the truth about their relationship, by putting her hand on Chad's shoulder and leaning close to him. We could also see Chad making a move, by putting his hand on Sonny's back (only to drop his hand when she lied again).
  • Chad and sonny couple

    Channy :)

    When Nico asked Sonny why Chad was there, Chad offered to tell the rest of the So Random cast the truth about their relationship, though Sonny denied the offer, saying she'll tell them.
  • When it seemed like Sonny was going to tell the So Random cast the truth about their relationship, you can see Chad's face get really happy and excited, even a bit nervous. While Sonny is starting to explain, Chad slips his arm around her until she says, "Judging Chad's celebrity tennis tournament, duh!"
  • Chad brought Sonny some roses, a MacKenzie Falls box set and a picture of him holding roses signed "To my lady" to her apartment and apologies, telling her that their date is more important then MacKenzie Falls. This is first time that Chad brought Sonny flowers.
  • That autographed picture of Chad was the third one she received from him.
  • When Chad leaves Sonny's house, Sonny asks when does she judge the tennis tournament. Chad says, "I'll give you the details tomorrow night." Sonny asks, "What's tomorrow night?" Chad replies, "Our first date. See you then." Then he winks and leaves, leaving Sonny smiling.
  • After Sonny's mum leaves to go in her room, Sonny has a huge smile on her face, and looks really excited about her date with Chad the next day.
  • Sonny sneaks off to see Chad by lying to her friends. She says she needs to "talk to a professional right away".
  • Grady thought Sonny was gonna say dating at the end of part 1.
  • Sonny said 'Let me tell you something. 24hours ago I fell in love with a guy named Mackenzie!...' Possibly meaning she has fallen in love with Chad.

(Part 2)
  • Fftf

    Sonny getting ready for her date with Chad.

    Chad puts a billboard up that says "Chad is a fool for Sonny" after saying he wanted to date her but not be seen with her in public because it was bad for his image, but then apologizes and says, "I want to be seen with you anywhere at anytime, no matter how goofy your big brown eyes make me."
  • In the beginning of the show, Sonny accidentally says "Chad" during her sketch and Chad says "Sonny" during a MacKenzie Falls rehearsal.
  • When Sonny and Chad were getting lunch in the cafeteria, they had a fake fight to make Sonny's friends think nothing was going on between them. They seemed to have fun with the fight.
  • When Chad holds up 2 shirts (brown and pink, while he was trying to choose an outfit), he says to the brown one "We've had some good times...", which is the same shirt he wore when crashing Sonny's date in the episode, "Sonny With a Chance of Dating".
  • When Chad meets Sonny to go on their date, Chad looks at Sonny's outfit and says, "And I thought I looked good."
  • When they go in the limo together, you could see that Chad can't stop smiling.

    Channy getting in the limo

  • While they were in the limo, they looked as if they might've kissed if the Randoms hadn't broke it up (Chad looked at Sonny's lips right before the Randoms interrupted.)
  • On their sushi date, we could hear Sonny and Chad's inner thoughts on how nervous they were and how cute the other one was.
  • Chad's palms get sweaty because he was nervous and he tries to drink a lot of water to calm down.

    Chad offers Sonny his coat.

  • When Sonny takes Chad's hand, Chad is freaking out in his mind: "She touched my hand! I was supposed to touch her hand first! What kind of man am I?!"
  • When he tries to act natural around Sonny, he ends up falling out of his chair.
  • On their date, Chad tried telling Sonny he was nervous but looked at Sonny as if her hair was blowing in the wind, dramatically saying, "Yes, Chad?", causing Chad to throw up on his date.
  • In this episode, Chad is the one that is head over heels for Sonny more and is really worried.
  • You could tell Chad put a lot into this date when he says - "How do you think I feel. I wanted this date to be perfect. I got a limo, spent three hours getting dressed, got a private room and my favorite chef..."
  • Even though Sonny was mad at Chad about the fact that he wanted their relationship to be a secret, Chad said, "Of course I want to see you."
  • Toward the end of the episode (while Sonny and Chad are on their second date) Chad calls Sonny "m'lady." Also when they're going into the Limo, Sonny says, "Aww, M'lady! That's cute."
  • Chad puts his coat around Sonny to shelter her from the cold (she stated it was drafty).
  • They held hands across the table.
  • Chad thinks Sonny is beautiful, has a great smile and nice big brown eyes.
  • Sonny thinks Chad is adorable.
  • Chad thinks that Sonny is adorable.
  • Chad takes three hours to get dressed in order to impress Sonny on their first date.
  • Sonny went through fourteen outfits, stressed out on what to wear to impress Chad.
  • When Chad says he wants to still see her she says, "Like in a cave." He says it could be romantic. Then she says, "Or an abandoned warehouse. Oh, I got it, the best way to keep 'us' a secret is for there not to be an 'us'." He says he likes that idea, but then realizes she meant she was breaking up with him and he feels bad.
  • Sonny said it was the best second first date she'd had.
  • Chad was hanging on a rope just to apologize with her even though he is afraid of heights.
  • Sonny thought that Chad didn't want to see her any more and appeared to be very upset until she realized that Chad wanted to keep their relationship a secret, this angered her.
  • When Sonny opened the door to reveal the sign, Chad is revealed to be smiling happily, while Sonny thought it was adorable.
  • Sonny and Chad officially start dating and become boyfriend and girlfriend in this episode.

Sonny With a Secret

  • They use the term "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" three times.
  • Throughout the episode, Chad and Sonny hug each other three times.

    3rd hug.

  • Chad stopped a MacKenzie Falls rehearsal so he could see if Sonny was alright.
  • During rehearsals for Mackenzie Falls, Chad doesn't seem to care about acting at all. Penelope annoyed that he isn't responding to her, turns his chair to see that he's looking through pictures of Sonny on his phone, which he has many of. Chad explains each picture, saying "Here's my lady at the zoo","Here's my lady eating Short-Stack","Here's my lady telling me not to take pictures of her Short-Stack". When Penelope asks what he's doing, he says That's what she said when I took the picture, referring to the last picture. He starts crying, asking himself why he let her go. He briefly turns to Penelope to tell her not to look at him, before he goes back to crying.

    Chad crying because he let Sonny go.

  • When Chad asks himself Why did I let her go? he seems to be asking himself, why he didn't fight for her or try and convince her to take him back. Later on he calls her phone, possibly to do just that. When the phone is answered, he says I missed you Short-stack. Sonny lost her phone, however, so a stranger answers it. He hangs up after Chad speaks, which causes Chad to cry once more, thinking Sonny doesn't want to talk to him.
  • Chad nicknames Sonny "Short-stack" after what they ate at the pancake house.
  • Sonny nicknames Chad "Egg whites with tomatoes on the side".
  • Chad (along with Nico, Grady and Zora) flies to Wisconsin so he could apologize to Sonny.
  • Chad told Sonny his fortune cookie secret cause he trusted Sonny.
  • Chad said he doesn't need a cookie to know he picks Sonny.
  • Chad jumped out of a plane so he could apologize to Sonny.
  • Chad pushed Sonny out of the way so she wouldn't get hurt by the cheese-bomb ball.
  • Chad chose Sonny over Penelope even though it meant risking his own life.
  • Sonny said that she couldn't forgive Chad.
  • Chad dresses as a Chinese food guy so he could see Sonny.
  • Sonny was the only one who recognized Chad when he was dressed as the Chinese food guy.
  • When Nico, Grady, Zora and Chad all thought Tawni had framed Sonny, Chad said "Sonny should be flying safely to Wisconsin with me," which shows he cares about her safety.
  • Chad said he'd help Sonny get to Wisconsin.
  • When Sonny was lighting the cheese-ball cannon, Chad stood behind her, smiling.
  • When Sonny was saying "Oh my gosh, you flew all the way down here to Wisconsin and fell out of the sky just so you could apologize? Nobody has ever done that for me. How can I not forgive you?," Sonny held Chad's hands.
  • When Penelope reveals that she was the one telling the lies about Sonny, Chad looks surprised and sort of disgusted that she would dare to do such things to Sonny.
  • Chad bailed Sonny out of jail saying that he couldn't let his lady rot away in the big house.
  • Chad knows that Sonny is going back to Wisconsin and about her book report- showing he both listens and remembers the things she tell him- and offers to fly her there on his private airline Air Chad.
  • Chad felt hurt when he thought Sonny told his secret.
  • Chad cried and cried in the MacKenzie Falls set just because he let go of Sonny and by not trusting her, which made Sonny very upset and also the reason she was angry with him.
  • In the scene where Sonny and Chad meet again when Chad falls out of the plane, it appears that both Sonny and Chad are wearing red.

The Problem with Pauly

  • Sonny and Chad have anniversaries celebrating their relationship.
  • Sonny wants Grady, Nico and Tawni to be happy for her with Chad.
  • Chad gets paranoid when Nico and Grady's signs of Sonny losing interest in him start to come true.
  • Sonny and Chad close their eyes while hugging, meaning they enjoy it.
  • Sonny was flirting with Chad while on the phone with him, saying "Happy Seven-week-a-versary!"
  • Chad says it's his and Sonny's Seven-week-a-versary later on, showing that he likes celebrating their anniversaries, even if it's weekly, and likes using Sonny's phrase Seven-week-a-versary even though her friends think it's weird and looks disgusted when she first says it.
  • Chad wore a hotdog suit just to help Sonny.
  • Sonny keeps on telling Hank about how she needed to be out of the Pauly suit by a certain time so she could go on her date with Chad.
  • Chad waited for Sonny even though he thought she was losing interest in him.
  • The second time Chad brought Sonny roses.

    "These are for Sonny"

  • Chad was really sad when he thought Sonny wasn't interested in him anymore.
  • They use the terms "boyfriend" three times and "girlfriend" one time.
  • Sonny and Chad share a milkshake and stare into each other's eyes, smiling.
  • When Ms. Bitterman said "Yeah, I don't think its gonna work out," Sonny turned to Chad and said "But I think this will," before hugging.
  • When Chad says "Its called hitting rock-bottom, Sonny," Then Sonny goes "Aww, thats the saddest, sweetest thing I think I've ever heard, almost as sad and sweet as you coming to Pauly for advice on our relationship." Then Sonny and Chad hold hands.
  • Both Sonny and Chad are big Pauly fans, despite it being a kid's show. They both have the Pauly Pledges memorized and at one time says one of the pledges together, "You're never alone."
  • Sonny and Chad are very different people, the perfect example for the phrase 'opposites attract' but the things they have in common are their love for Pauly Pals, and also the fact that they both know people, seen in "The Heartbreak Kid".
  • Chad sits on Sonny's (Pauly's) lap and asks her for advice on their relationship.
  • Sonny tries to break up the fight between Chad and Hank.
  • When Sonny says, "Yeah, this beefstick is my boyfriend," and whacks him on the back of Chad's head, he flops his head forward almost jokingly.

    Sonny and Chad sharing a smoothie

That's So Sonny

  • Sonny calls in the President of Chad's fan club (Amber Algoode) to help him get his 1,000,000 fans on Flitter.
  • Sonny comforts Chad when he's upset about having only 800,000 fans.
  • Sonny bought Chad a shirt.
  • Chad says he loves the shirt Sonny bought him, even when Amber said it was ugly.
  • Sonny tells Amber she cares about Chad.
  • The Randoms tell Amber that ever since Chad started dating Sonny, he's been nicer, more thoughtful, and happier.
  • Chad picks Sonny over his one million fans and fires Amber for trying to break them up, implying that Chad really likes Sonny.
  • When Chad told Amber off, he pulled Sonny into a hug.
  • Sonny fights Amber in a "vacuum-cleaner" war to rescue Chad and her friends when Amber takes them captive.

    Sonny and Chad do glances at each other

  • After the "vacuum war" Chad says, "A million fans used to be really important to me, but right now I only care about one", referring to Sonny.
  • Sonny says that it's sweet that Chad cares about her more than his million fans.
  • When Sonny and Amber were fighting in front of Chad, he sticks his head between them and says "Girls, look at what you love". Implying that, he thinks or knows Sonny loves him.
  • Chad brought Sonny flowers like he promised.
  • Sonny cuddles with Chad when Amber tells them that the Randoms think Chad has become nicer and less of a jerk.
  • Sonny seems very distraught about not raising the amount of Chad's fans, and thus, failing to successfully help Chad in this case.
  • Chad puts his finger on Sonny's lips when she is apologizing to him about not being a good fan club president.
  • Chad cares more about Sonny being upset then her losing all of his fans.
  • In Chad's dressing room after the fight at Amber's, you can see that Sonny has made herself comfortable in Chad's dressing room.
  • When Amber's scary face popped up on the Chad-o-meter, Chad very

    Chad gives Sonny roses.

    briefly grabbed Sonny. It was also noticed that Chad quickly, but gently, pushed her out of the dressing room before he ran out himself.
  • This is the third time Chad brought Sonny roses.
  • Chad says that flowers make everything better. He tells Sonny this after she was done apologizing to him.
  • Before Chad brought Sonny roses, Sonny is seen in Chad's dressing room sitting on the couch.

Chad Without a Chance

  • Chad offers to babysit the Randoms for Sonny, even though he doesn't like them.
  • Chad asks the Randoms how they would feel if he and Sonny kissed. They respond by gagging and saying "eww!".
  • Chad makes his and Sonny's cardboard heads kiss each other.

    Cardboard heads

  • Chad and Sonny do their fine-fine-good-good argument before Sonny goes home, but in a flirty way.
  • Chad told Sonny to feel better.
  • Chad goes through a painful and strenuous day with the Randoms just to make Sonny happy.
  • Chad wants to show Sonny he could be a good boyfriend.
  • Chad calls Sonny "babe".
  • Chad admits to Sonny that he thinks her face is perfect.
  • Both Sonny and Chad say they'll miss each other when Sonny is leaving to go home.
  • Chad and Sonny hold hands on the beach.

    Final Scene of Chad Without a Chance.

  • Chad teases the Randoms by saying that Sonny is not just sick, but lovesick for him.
  • Chad tells the Randoms that he doesn't have to be on the Sonny Schedule because he says has his "own schedule with her right here" and then points to his heart.
  • Chad calls himself Sonny's "Sweet, sweet, sugar Chaddy".
  • Chad tells the Randoms to get used to him and Sonny together.
  • When talking to Sonny's mother on the phone, Chad acts the 'respectful boyfriend' obviously worried about staying on the right side of Connie.
  • Sonny says that Chad and the Randoms need a lot of work, but they're all worth it.
  • When Sonny coughed near Chad, he didn't get disgusted like Tawni did.
  • This is the first time Chad has called Sonny "M'lady" in two episodes.
  • Chad offered Sonny tea to make her feel better.
  • Chad referred to himself as "Substitute Sonny" and " The new Sonny in town"
  • Chad smiled in agreeance when Tawni said that Sonny has a "gentle touch"
  • Chad believes that Sonny is not going to break up with him, because "everybody loves some Chaddy."
  • Chad sees Sonny's image as a guilt trip when he refuses or doesn't do Sonny's job properly, showing that he really cares about her.
  • Chad gets upset when Sonny said "nobody gets to call her babe."
  • Chad makes all the Randoms feel bad for not calling Sonny and caring more about their petty problems.
  • Chad said it was adorable that the Randoms were fighting over who gets to call Sonny first, but of course he gets to call her first.
  • Chad calls Sonny an amazing friend to the Randoms.
  • Chad wanted Sonny to put sunscreen on her "perfect face."
  • Sonny said it was really sweet what Chad did for her.
  • Sonny thought it was cute that Chad thinks he didn't get tricked by her.
  • Sonny calls Chad her boyfriend and one of the most important people in her life (including the Randoms).
  • Sonny calls Chad her boyfriend three times.
  • Chad and Sonny make cute faces towards each other before Sonny leaves the dressing room to go home.
  • Even though Chad was mad at Sonny, he didn't seem as mad as the Randoms, despite the fact he said he was on the same page as them. (Or in other words, he seemed to be pretending to be mad even though he has a soft spot for Sonny.)
  • Sonny makes a weird face when Grady calls her "Babe", but she has not much of a reaction when Chad says it.
  • Chad was the first one that Sonny thought was able to take care of her friends.
  • This is the first episode to use the couple name "Channy". Chad says it while the Randoms are grumbling about him making the Sonny and Chad heads kiss.
  • Chad obviously wants to kiss Sonny, since he made their heads kiss each other.

My Two Chads

  • Chad keeps trying to get Sonny to go on the show with him, but she'd rather take Chaz (even though he is covered in casts from the injuries Nico and Grady caused.)
  • Sonny hugs Chad when he falls off the bike and is crying.
  • Sonny shows concern when Chad falls off his bike.
  • Sonny is really upset when she finds out that Chaz has gone on all the dates with her.
  • She slapped Chad (Chaz) twice when she thought that he was cheating on her.
  • Chad was nervous about losing Sonny so he sent Chaz on all the dates with Sonny.
  • Sonny decides to give Chad a second chance.
  • Sonny was holding Chad's hand before she realized that Chaz was the one going on all of the dates with her.
  • Sonny thought it was funny and sweet at first how Chad was nervous about her breaking up with him.
  • Sonny is sad when she hears her and Chad's score from the game show which was -4.
  • Sonny was concerned when she thought that Chad had a concussion because he kept repeating the words: "October 2nd."
  • Chad had his arm around Sonny during the speed round of the game show.

    Sonny and Chad staring at each other.

  • Sonny thought it was cute that he kept saying "October 2nd" until she realized that he might have a concussion.
  • Sonny tells Chad to remember the date October 2nd because she says it's the day she decided to give him a second chance.
  • Chad taps Sonny's nose and calls her a good listener.
  • Sonny got really upset when she found out Chaz went on her and Chad's anniversary dinner.
  • Chad was really disappointed when Sonny broke up with him.
  • Sonny was really happy on the bike riding date before she found out that it was Chaz.
  • Sonny can easily identify Chad from Chaz because she knows that Chad doesn't like his hair messed up.
  • Chad (Chaz) says that he got distracted by how cute Sonny looked in her protective headgear when they went bike riding.
  • Chad cried out of happiness when Sonny took him back.
  • 119487639pre-1-
    Chad says that Sonny was the first person to call him out on being a jerk because she knew that underneath that jerk, there was a guy worth getting to know.
  • On their one week-a-versarry, Sonny says "and they thought we'd never last" implying that the Randoms thought they wouldn't even last a week together.
  • After Chad tells Sonny she was the first person that called him a jerk, she thought about it and denied his apology.
  • Chad told Sonny that she knew about his gas problems with Mexican food (meaning that he knows she knows a lot about him.)
  • Sonny was also upset about their break up, you could tell this by how she sounded when she told randoms about their breakup.
  • Sonny was really disappointed when she found out Chad knew nearly nothing about her (including her birthday and her phone number).
  • Chad appears in the vent in Sonny and Tawni's dressing, which Zora is usually is in, to get Sonny to go on the gameshow Tawni's hosting with him.
  • When Chad pops out of the vent, he calls Sonny "baby".
  • Chad stubbornly continues to try and get Sonny to take him back. He keeps saying he's Sonny's only

    "What's my name?" "Sonny Munroe."

    chose for the gameshow and he apologies and follows her, when she leaves the show, riding a bike even though he's terrified and even ends up getting hurt. He did it for Sonny, because he wasn't going to give up on trying to get her to give him another chance. In "Sonny With A Secret" he cries over having lost her, but this time, as she is not in Wisconsin but here, he keeps seeking her out.
  • It is shown Sonny got upset because she was with a different person and she wants to spend a lot of time with Chad
  • Chad rode a bike (even though he doesn't know how to) just to get Sonny back again, therefore; like daring himself for Sonny.

Sonny With a 100 Percent Chance of Meddling

  • Chad knows about the term "Sonny it up" and even used the phrase in MacKenzie Falls.
  • Chad took a five minute break because he saw Sonny on the set.
  • Chad calls Sonny "m'lady" and "girlfriend" in this episode.
  • Chad tried to playfully reel Sonny in (like he did in "Sonny With a Secret") to bring her closer to him.
  • Sonny wasn't too impressed with Chad after he said "Sonny it up" during rehearsal.
  • Sonny playfully knocked Chad's "invisible" rope that he used to reel her in.
  • Sonny knew that Chad had already taught young Mackenzie (Wesley) his catchphrase "Peace out suckas!"
  • Chad smiles when Wesley says to Sonny that he is a big fan of So Random!
  • While Sonny was in the middle of inviting Wesley to pizza (for Zora) Chad pulls her aside and worryingly asks her "What are you doing?" knowing that Sonny is meddling again.
  • Sonny and Wesley does the "Good, Good, Fine, Fine" in a flirty way, Chad exclaims how proud he is of Wesley. Sonny then asks Chad if he was proud of her for setting up the date, Chad says "You're totally going to Sonny this thing up" and they smile.
  • When Sonny was looking for Chad at the MacKenzie Falls set, Chad sneaks up behind Sonny and surprises her by covering her eyes saying "Guess Who?!"
  • Chad tells Sonny to relax, Sonny apologizes for getting scared as she thought he was Zora.
  • Chad knew that Sonny "Sonny'ed it up again.
  • The cheese basket Wesley sent to Sonny was the same one that Chad was planning to send to Sonny.
  • Chad gets angry at Wesley when he realized he is "mini-macking" on Sonny.
  • Chad puts his arm around Sonny when he told Wesley that "Sonny would never date an out of work actor"
  • Chad fired Wesley because he was trying to flirt with Sonny in front of him and he was protecting sonny as a boyfriend does as he could see that sonny really needed chad's help.
  • Chad tells Sonny that "Big Mac has her back" and winks at her.
  • Chad goes over the prop house with the Randoms to console Sonny and to tell her that Zora had gone home.
  • Chad also fires the Sandbag guy for dropping the sandbag that almost hit Sonny.
  • Chad playfully kicks the invisible rope to the side that he used to reel Sonny closer to him.

Sonny With a Kiss
Sonny with a chance sonny with a kiss

  • Chad and Sonny agree that having "Channy" was cute in the interview
  • Chad and Sonny get paranoid about their first kiss.
  • Chad pulls up the chair so Sonny can sit down.
  • Sonny wipes Chad's face when he has mustard over it. The people around them all shout "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!"
  • Chad was smiling when Sonny was wiping off the mustard.
  • Sonny gets paranoid when Tawni tells her that Chad will be kissing Chloe that afternoon on MacKenzie Falls
  • Chad gets paranoid when Nico and Grady take the mickey out of Chad and Sonny how they haven't kissed.
  • They both have fantasies about what may have happen.
  • Sonny and Chad kiss for 4 seconds.
  • When Sonny is talking to Tawni about the previous night (the picnic thing) she says "I don't understand. Chad and I go great together and I really like him"
  • Chad had set up a seaside picnic where he and Sonny planned their first kiss.
  • After the kiss Sonny has her arms around Chad for about 15 more seconds.
  • After the kiss is over Chad is still into Sonny and moves her hair out of the way.
  • Though the interviewer claims to have come up with couple name "Channy" during this episode, Chad has used the couple name prior to this in the episode "Chad Without a Chance."
  • Sonny initiates the kiss which says something about who's in charge of their relationship.
  • Chad tells Sonny that the two have chemistry and she agrees with a smile.
  • If you look closely at Chad's face right after the kiss, he appears shocked.
  • Chad didn't got mad at Sonny even though she broke his teeth.
  • The two try to kiss in other moments of the show, but someone or something always ruins the moment.
  • When Sonny tried to kiss Chad, Chad rejected her because of his broken tooth, which left Sonny saying, "Oh no, there's no spark...I have to go!." Then Chad yells, "We have spark!"
  • Sonny and Chad kiss for the first time.
  • Sonny and Chad finally want to kiss each other.
  • They kissed when they were ready, not when others pressure them to kiss.
  • Sonny thinks the name, "Channy" is cute.
  • Sonny and Chad don't use Channy anymore, since they became sick of the name.

Sonny With a Grant

  • Before Sonny left, Chad said he would miss her and she did too.
  • Channy's hugs are becoming more close.
  • Chad and Sonny shared a passionate hug when Sonny was about to leave.
  • Chad offered Sonny a ride to the airport.
  • Sonny sat down with Chad on the couch really close.
  • Whilst they were on the couch and Chad had read the magazine Sonny held his hand whilst she was telling him that he has everything he needs.

    Channy hug.

  • When they were hugging, Tawni quoted: " Eww, I haven't even left for my cruise and I'm already sea sick!" causing Chad and Sonny to give her a stern look.
  • Chad knocked before he entered her dressing room.
  • When Chad said his life was over, Sonny thought he was talking about her, but he didn't hurt her feelings when he said: "Aww not because of you m'lady, its just that Condor Studios is so cheap" and he tapped her nose with his finger, in a cute way.
  • Chad called Sonny 'Ma' Lady'
  • Chad and Sonny contacted each other twice.
  • Sonny joked and said maybe she should date Zac Efron, to which Chad got really mad/jealous and said; Do not even joke about that!
  • This was all based on jealousy on Zac Efron, but Sonny told him not to take it so bad.
  • Chad carried Sonny's bags for her.
  • Sonny told him to not worry about Zac and he was the only one for her.
  • Grady used Sonny's line " Really Chad, Really? " to persuade Chad to go to the studio.
  • Grady thought Chad did soften because Sonny tells them he has changed.
  • While on the phone, when Sonny says "...the reception is horrible," Chad automatically assumed Sonny called him adorable. Although some may think this could just be Chad being himself, he did say back to her "Thank you, you're adorable too!"
  • Chad thinks Sonny is adorable.

Sonny With a Choice

  • Sonny and Chad shared a quick kiss during the commercial break to wish each other luck.
  • Sonny went to go congratulate MacKenzie Falls with a basket of muffins for being nominated.
  • On her way to congratulate them, everyone thought the muffins were going to kill them, but Chad didn't hide under the table like the others.
  • After Sonny took back the muffin from Chad, after he said she needed to take a bite or the others wouldn't trust her, he put his mouth to his finger, tasting the crumbs, so he trusted Sonny enough to taste it.
    Sonnywithachoice 9
  • Chad told Sonny he trusted her.
  • Chad persuaded the cast to take a muffin, telling them his Lady made them, while Sonny swayed happily.
  • One of Chad's cast members insulted Sonny and the others, Chad first laughed on instinct, but then gave him a stern look, saying no and shaking his head. To this Sonny grinned, as he walked over to put his arm around her shoulders, saying they should all take the high road.
  • Sonny told her cast Chad is a totally changed person since they started dating.
  • Chad kept his arm around Sonny on the red carpet.
  • Sonny called Chad "sweetie".
  • Chad told Sonny she looked great.
  • Sonny cuddled up with Chad when he said : "There are no losers, Ryan."
  • Sonny and Chad both said good luck to each other.
  • Chad and Sonny held hands nervously waiting for the results.
  • When Ryan announced that So Random! had won the award, Sonny happily hugged Chad.
  • Sonny and her cast mates jumped on the stage when she excitedly blurted out : "Ha! In your face MacKenzie Falls!" She immediately went to Chad to apologize.
  • Sonny held his hand when she was apologizing.
  • When Chad was in shock, thinking the Tween Choice Awards hadn't started yet, he kept on repeating "Wow, you look great." 3 times.
  • Sonny took Chad home for hot cocoa.
  • When Chad asked her whether she wanted to sit with her friends on the winners table, she told him, "Look, Chad I can't not sit with my boyfriend. That would be weird." While holding his hand.
  • Chad told her this was her moment, and he wanted her to enjoy it.
  • Chad told Sonny he was gonna fix them and that they were gonna be good.
  • When everyone left, Chad and Sonny both sat on the couch holding hands to talk.
  • Sonnywithachoice4
    After they broke up, Chad walked out the prop house sadly, looked back once, and left.
  • Chad left the award in the prop house instead of taking it.
  • Sonny was crying in tears when she broke up with him.
  • Sonny was upset that he loved the award more than her.
  • Chad seemed heartbroken that Sonny broke up with him.
  • This was the third time they broke up but this time they didn't make up by the end of the episode like they usually do.
  • Before Chad left the Prop House, he put the award on the table and kissed it, possibly reminding himself of Sonny.

New Girl

  • The So Random! cast knows that Sonny isn't over Chad yet.
  • Sonny wrote a song to either get Chad out of her system or to keep him in her system.
  • Mel talked Sonny into having seconds thoughts of the break up or so it seems.
  • Chad told Mel that he used to give lip to Sonny, implying that he used to kiss her.
  • Chad tried to sneak into The Patio to support Sonny during her performance.
  • Sonny couldn't sing when she saw Chad.
  • During the performance Chad got to know that sonny wrote that song for him since he could see the way sonny was seeing him. 
  • Mel told her she still had feelings for Chad, resulting in her thinking about it and looking down on the floor.
  • 1234567890-3
    Chad kept on going up to Sonny (The So Random! set and her house) saying he's lost something ... from the time they were dating. Cause he wanted to talk to Sonny about giving their relationship an another chance.
  • Sonny told Chad "If you'd let your sunglasses have their moment in the sun, they wouldn't have broken up with you"
  • Chad paid people to cheer for Sonny so she could win the bet.
  • In Sonny's song she said "I can't stop loving you" implying that she loves Chad.
  • Sonny and Chad did the "Fine, fine, Good, Good." thing and after Chad walked away Sonny sighed sadly and walked off singing "What to Do".
  • Sonny tells the Randoms to stop obsessing over Chad when truly she is the one is obsessing about him.
  • In Sonny's apartment, Chad tried to put his arm around Sonny but realized it and dropped his arm saying "force of habit".
  • Chad said, "Sonny, you miss this don't you?" and Sonny just looked at him and ignored it.
  • Also, in Sonny's apartment Chad stuck up for Sonny but she said that she could handle it

    Sonny after talking to Chad.

  • When Chad was playing guitar in Sonny's apartment, Mel said to shut it, Chad quickly stated " you used to love it when I played" sadly, assuming Sonny said to shut it.
  • Sonny mistakenly calls Chad her boyfriend.
  • Chad still has feelings for Sonny, and Sonny still has feelings for Chad
  • Chad smiled when he heard Sonny said "I already know I can see in your eyes when your telling the truth" in the song "What To Do".
  • In this episode, we see that Chad is still trying to get Sonny back. Observe, Chad keeps helping Sonny even she said not to, and how he keeps getting close to her.
  • Chad said to Sonny "I really miss those glasses" possibly referring to Sonny
  • It is obvious that both Chad and Sonny still really like each other and both aren't over each other.
  • When sonny crashed into chad he looked her with eyes of love stating that chad never stopped loving sonny and never will stop loving her. 
  • It is unknown if Sonny and Chad will ever get back together, due to Demi Lovato's departure from Sonny With A Chance, and the show being canceled.
  • Chad called Sonny "Ma-Lady", but Sonny then gave him a look.
  • Chad kept sticking up for Sonny when Mel insulted her. He was acting like a supportive boyfriend. Even though Chad wanted him and Sonny to recolide.
  • Mel knew Sonny still had feelings for Chad.
  • Mel said that Sonny had to deal with Chad still being in her system, knowing Sonny can't move on from Chad.
  • When Sonny said "Guys, I've moved on. Ok?" to the Randoms, she said it in a sad way, showing she hasn't and can't move on from Chad.
  • Chad tried anything he could throughout the episode to win Sonny back.

Channy Quotes

"Fine, Fine, Good, Good."
―Sonny & Chad

"Really, Sonny, Really"

Official Channy Things

  • Official Channy Food: Sushi. On their first date they had sushi and they had it on their fifth week-a-versary at a gas station (mentioned in the episode, "The Problem with Pauly" right before they threw up in Pauly's head). Or perhaps what they had at the Pancake House as that is what their nicknames for each other are based on. Or perhaps the Mexican food they had on their anniversary.
  • Offical Channy Drink: Water. On their first date they had water but Chad spit it up on Sonny. Or perhaps smoothies because they threw up after drinking smothies on their date. It could also be Hot Cocoa, because they mention it twice, in "My Two Chads", during the flashbacks while "Chaz" made Sonny hot cocoa when "Chad" was supposed to, and "Sonny With a Choice", while Chad was in shock, Sonny offered to bring him home and drink hot cocoa, leading us to assume that they both are very fond of hot cocoa.
  • Offical Channy Color: Blue. The billboard Chad built for Sonny was blue and both Chad and Sonny frequently wear blue. Plus, Sonny has admitted to loving Chad's eyes, which are blue.
  • Offical Channy Number: 2 because Chad and Sonny had their first real date on their second date. Also because their second kiss lasted 2 seconds. Another reason is because Sonny gave Chad a second chance on October 2nd. It can also be 8 because their first kiss was 8 seconds. They also started dating in season 2.
  • Offical Channy Song: "What to Do" by Demi Lovato. And "How We Do This" and "Hanging" by Sterling Knight.
  • Official Channy Day: June 25th their first date. October 2nd is also frequently noted as an important Channy because it marks the day Sonny gave Chad a second chance after a brief break-up. Also December 18, since that's the day they broke up for the last and final time.
  • Official Channy Year: 2010, that was the year they first started dating, the year they kissed, and the year they broke up for the last and final time.
  • Official Channy Month: June, it was the month Chad asked Sonny out, and it was the month they started dating.

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