Chad Without a Chance
Chad breaking up with the guys for Tawni.
Alternate title(s) "Chad With a Chance"
Series Sonny With a Chance
Season 2
Episode number 37
Airdate September 19, 2010
Written by Amy Engelberg & Wendy Engelberg
Directed by Eric Dean Seaton
Prod. code 210
Guest starring Mary-Par Green
Aaron Hill
# US viewers upon premiere 2.78 Million
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"That's So Sonny" "My Two Chads"
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"Chad Without a Chance" is a Season 2 episode of Sonny With a Chance. It was also known as "Chad With a Chance" until the title was finalized by Disney Channel. This episode originally aired September 19, 2010.


Sonny's schedule gets a little delayed, leaving her cast mates fighting in the Prop House over whose time it is with Sonny. After a bit of arguing, Chad comes in with the intention of having Sonny hang his new MacKenzie Falls posters with him. The So Random! cast begins to complain that Chad is not scheduled and thus shouldn't have any time with her, but Chad counters with the excuse, that they are dating. Eventually Sonny comes in and reveals she is sick. Her cast continues to demand she help them, but Chad steps in and pulls Sonny away to take care of her. They go into girl's dressing room, and discuss how the Randoms take such advantage of her. Chad claims he would never pressure her like that, though he follows up his claim with his demand for her to hang at least fifty of his MacKenzie Falls posters. Sonny becomes angry that he is claiming that he is "good to her", when he himself is asking her for favors just as the Randoms are. She tells him that if he were good to her, he would be offering to help her with her list of things to do. Chad laughs at the thought of her asking him to help the Randoms. But soon enough, Sonny challenges Chad to a day of taking over her to do list, so she can go home and recuperate. He believes that it will be easy taking care of her "Fun Hut Buddies", while she isn't so sure. And so Chad attempts to take care of the needs of Grady, Nico, Tawni, and Zora by doing the things that Sonny usually does with them on a daily basis.

Chad first tends to Tawni's needs after she bribes him with money. Apparently, Sonny breaks-up with all of Tawni's boyfriends because Sonny is gentler than Tawni. Tawni instructs Chad on her list of guys, which is broken up into two categories: "The Absolutelys" and "The Absolutely Nots". At first Chad throws the list away with the intention of not fulfilling his duty, but Sonny appears above him and tell him that she knew he couldn't do it. And so to prove her wrong, Chad takes the list and begins to break-up with the guys on "The Absolutely Not" side. Chad begins to really enjoy breaking-up with all the guys and finds it easy. Until he reaches a guy named Bennett, who is unable to grasp that Chad is breaking-up with him for Tawni. Chad calls him the dumbest person he's spoke to all day. Bennett begins to cry, making Chad laugh. Chad then marks down Bennett as a "crier".

Next Chad helps Nico, who needs Chad to help him break the ice with a girl. Chad tells him that she is here for "Massage Monday" and so he should go have his "back cracked" for a chance to meet her. Nico replies that Sonny would go through the pain for him to meet the girl instead of him. Sonny appears again and confirms what Nico said. Chad agrees to let her crack his back, so Nico can meet the girl. But as he goes to sit down when the masseuse walks in angered over her son, Bennett, being broken up with. She begins to massage Chad violently, realizing he is the guy who broke-up with her son. Nico flees in fright from the cafeteria. She continues to twist Chad's arm until his is unable to feel it anymore. Soon enough, Bennett walks in with a broken heart and notices Chad standing there. Bennett begins threatening to beat him up. Sonny calls Chad, interrupting Bennett's approach. Chad runs out of the cafeteria to take the phone call.

Chad runs to the Prop House, where is able to lose Bennett. He breaths a sigh of relief, but is soon attacked

Bennett loses Chad

by Zora, who is training for her karate match. Zora tells him that he is to wear a fat suit, so she can practice her fighting techniques, but Chad refuses to put it on. Sonny calls him again, but his phone goes dead in the middle of her conversation due to Zora breaking it. Zora kicks Chad into the door and knocks him out.

Chad is then in a daze lying on the floor, when Tawni walks in to yell at him. Tawni asks Chad if he broke-up with Bennett off of her list. He confirms that he broke-up with everyone on the "Absolutely Not" list. Tawni becomes angry for that was the list meant "absolutely not break-up with them". Chad is very confused by Tawni's choice of labeling. Tawni states that Sonny would have understood, and Sonny appears to Chad to emphasize that she would have. Tawni is then upset that Chad has broken her up with the smartest guy she's ever gone out with. Chad is shocked that Bennett is the smartest guy Tawni's ever gone out with. Tawni rushes out, and Chad's broken phone rings. He answers the call, only to be shocked by the phone. He declares this the "worst day ever" and falls over.

Chad then goes to help Grady, who is lying on a couch airing his feelings to no one when Chad sneaks in. Grady is complaining about how no one listens to him and Chad acts as if he's been listening the whole time. Grady yells, "LIES!" and confronts him about being late. Chad asks what usually happens in Grady and Sonny's special talk time. Grady explains it's a time for him to reflect on all the good things in his life. Grady claims it's like Thanksgiving every week. Chad is relieved that Grady isn't going to unload a bunch of issues on him. Grady asks what sort of issues he could have, and Chad begins to explain all the things in Grady's life that would drive him nuts. Such as Nico ditching him for girls, Zora always acting smarter than him, and how Tawni treats him. As Chad explains these things to Grady, Grady becomes angry and realizes he should be irritated by these things. A bell rings. Grady then states, "It's time to bring the turkey out of the oven!". Chad believes that Grady is finally going to stand up for himself and cheers him on as he goes behind the couch. Suddenly, Grady pulls a real turkey from an oven. Chad surprised that Grady really did have a turkey in the oven. After the turkey is out of the oven, Grady goes to have a word with Tawni, Nico and Zora about their treatment of him. But when Grady opens the door to leave, Bennett is standing there asking for Chad. Chad escapes out the window to avoid being attacked.

In the Prop House, Grady, carrying the turkey, begins to air his grievances with his cast mates. Nico realizes the only reason Grady is angry is because he just came back from his time with Chad. Nico, Grady, Tawni and Zora start to realize how bad Chad has been at being Sonny. Chad runs in, still trying to escape Bennett. The So Random! cast converges on him with the intent to beat him up for messing up their respective needs. Chad tries to tell them that Sonny wouldn't approve of them beating him up, but they remind him that Sonny isn't there today. Chad then brings up the fact that Sonny is sick and no one, except him, called her to see if she was alright. The So Random! cast feels guilty and backs off. They all start claiming they are going to call Sonny, but Chad cuts in and calls her on Tawni's phone. Mrs. Munroe picks up and tells Chad something shocking. He tells the So Random! cast they need to go see her now.

Sonny is relaxing on the beach, when her sun is blocked out by something. She opens her eyes, while complaining, only to see her cast mates and Chad standing there. Sonny is a little sheepish at seeing them all there. The So Random! cast yells at her for lying and demands to know why she faked being sick. And though Chad hates to admit it, he is actually on the same page as her cast when it comes to being angry over her faking. Sonny then says that her plan worked. Sonny wanted to help stop the excessive fighting between Chad and her cast mates, so she tricked them into spending quality time together to try to make them get along. Unfortunately for Sonny, the Randoms have decided they will never be able to get along with Chad. The So Random! cast walks off, leaving Chad and Sonny alone. Chad admits to her that


Sonny and Chad after she has been found out.

he couldn't believe what she did for her friends and that's a "pretty amazing friend". Sonny tells Chad that he has a lot in common with the Randoms. They're both easy to trick, they both have no idea when they're being tricked, they both need a lot of work, but they're both worth it. Chad tells Sonny to put some sunscreen to keep her face perfect, causing the So Random! cast to mutter in disgust. Chad tells them, "get used to it!" and shows them him holding Sonny's hand.

The episode ends with Tawni telling Sonny to end one of her relationships. Sonny calls the guy and begins to explain that his time with Tawni Hart is over. Chad runs in the door, holding his cell phone, yelling, "I know where this is going!". Sonny explains to Chad that Tawni doesn't want him doing her break-ups anymore. Chad begs for another chance, claiming he can change. Sonny tells Chad it's over. Chad begins to sniffle and says to Tawni, "You said she'd be gentle!". Tawni and Sonny start to laugh at Chad crying, as Sonny labels Chad as a "crier".

TONIGHT Catch The Sonny with a Chance Chad without a Chance at a special time 9 8c

TONIGHT Catch The Sonny with a Chance Chad without a Chance at a special time 9 8c

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Guest Starring

  • Mary-Par Green as Ms. Rothschild
  • Aaron Hill as Bennett


  • Jessica Amento as Gretchen


  • Chad is seen to want Sonny to kiss because he makes his and Sonny's cardboard heads kiss.
  • Sonny and Chad hold hands with each other on the beach.
  • Chad said he is "Substitute Sonny".
  • No one is allowed to call Sonny "babe".
  • Zora does karate and has a orange belt in it. Zora later states she blew her karate test due to Chad.
  • The fat-suit that Zora recommends that Chad wear as protective padding (which he refuses) is probably the same one that Sonny wore as "Madge the Waitress".
  • Tawni claims that Bennett is the smartest guy she's ever gone out with. This possibly implies that when she dated Chad as a child, she thought he was dumb.
  • Chad calls himself Sonny's "Sugar Chaddy," which is a parody of the phrase "Sugar Daddy."
  • Sonny and Grady have special "talk times" each week that discuss the positive things in Grady's life. Grady cooks a turkey each week because he feels that the sessions are like a mini Thanksgiving day.
  • This is the first episode where the couple name "Channy" is used. When Chad is making the "Chad" and "Sonny" heads kiss, listening closely during the Randoms groans, towards the of his ramblings in the background he says, "We should be Channy!".
  • On Tawni's list of "Absolutely", the name Grady appears. Whether or not this refers to Grady Mitchell is undetermined. On her "Absolutely Not" list, the names Grant and Marshall. Again whether these refer to the characters Grant Mitchell and Marshall Pike is undetermined. (Tawni's Absolutely/Absolutely Not List)
  • In the next episode, Chaz is introduced. If Chaz is in this episode, Chad should have sent him for the whole episode after the Bennett gag. But it was possible Chad had no time to call Chaz, or Chaz was not available for some reason.
  • Zora says that she cares the most about Sonny.
  • Chad and Sonny still held the phone to their ear even though they were right next to each other.
  • The MacKenzie Falls poster was not in its original place.
  • Even though The Problem With Pauly was introduced before this episode, there is no Pauly and Pals poster in the cafeteria.
  • Sonny is seen to still be white unlike some episodes before this one aired. This is because of production order and Sonny started to became tanner in the episode Sonny With a Secret if production order but Falling for the Falls Part 2 first in airing order.


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