Memorable Chad Dylan Cooper quotes.

West Coast Story

Chad: (after winning a Tween Choice Award) You know, a lot of people would say that it's So Random we won this
02 tweenchoiceawards

Chad receiving his award and insulting the cast of So Random!

award, but it's not So Random. It's never So Random. Because MacKenzie Falls rules! Thank you, Tweens!
Chad: (to Sonny) Do they Sonny? Do they really? Look, it was sweet of you to put that picnic together; way sweet. But the bad blood between our two shows has gone too deep for too long to be healed by a bowl of egg salad and even the best of intentions. Just because you wish for something, doesn't make it so.

Sonny: Oh Chad Dylan......

Chad: Shh... time for talking is over. I must go. So run, run back to your show, and put your sweet little dreams of peace to bed.

Chad: Now, look. I don't how much free time you have over there in 'Chuckle City', but over here in MacKenzie Falls, we have some serious acting to do.

Sonny: Oh my gosh! You are a drama snob; and you do think you're better than us!

Chad: Not better... just different... in a better way. We act.

Chad: Let's just get this over with, gotta get my teeth bleached in 20 minutes. You know there are 80 shades of white?

Sonny at the Falls

Chad: Sonny. Cloudy. Rainy.

Nico: We have names.

Chad: Yeah, but remembering them would take effort, and interest, and excuse me.

Sonny: You can't just cut in front of us like that!

Chad: Yeah, they also said I couldn't be this handsome, and yet, here I am!

Chad: (talking about So Random!) If we don't act soon, dare I say it, they might become more popular than us.

Chad: I had to say it. I dared myself.

Chad: Because it's my wall, and I like saying I banned Zac Efron.

Chad: There will come a day when Zac Efron comes knocking on that door and he's like, 'Hey, can I come in?' And I'll be like, 'Oh no, you're banned!'

Chad: Who is talking while I'm acting?
Chad: (to Portlyn) Don't talk without a script!

Sonny With a Chance of Dating

Chad: Sonny.

Sonny: Chad.

Chad: (to James) Anyways, they're shooting our scene, we should probably go.

Sonny: Oh you're on MacKenzie Falls this week? Let me guess: stuck up Mackenzie being chased by a bad boy bank robber.

Chad: Let me guess: Life of the Boston Tea Party.

Sonny: Well, at least my show brings joy to our viewers.

Chad: At least my show has viewers.

Chad: Sonny's always cute. She can't do anything without it being cute. Stupid cute.
Sonny: You really think I would kiss you?

Chad: Well, that's what I'm gonna put in my blog. Peace out suckahs!

Promises, Prom-misses

Chad: Normally, that would have charmed you. What's up with you?

Chad: (to Sonny) Well here's something real for you. I really don't want to stand here and talk to you.
Sonny: (to Chad) Good, 'cause you're offically uninivited.

Chad: Good, 'cause we offically wouldn't have come anyway.

Sonny: You're only saying that 'cause I just uninvited you.

Chad: You're only uninviting me 'cause I said I didn't want to come.

Sonny- Are we done here?

Chad: Oh we're beyond done

Sonny: Good!

Chad: Good!

Sonny: Good!

Chad: Good!

Sonny: So are we good?

Chad: Oh we're so good.


Chad: Do they, Sonny? Do they really? 'Cause sometimes, I heard, you get have that perfect dance with that one special person. You're just gonna have to settle for me. (pulls out an mp3 player and puts an earphone in each of thier ears. They start dancing.)

Sonny: This is sweet.

Chad: I have my moments.

Sonny: You gonna press play?

Chad: Oh yeah right sorry.

Battle of the Network's Stars

Chad: Oh Sonny, try to stop yourself from falling in love with me, I beg you!

Sonny: (rolls her eyes)

Selena: I'm just a small town girl with a big town dream, and meeting you was the biggest dream of all.


Chad: Again? Really?

Selena: It's okay, Chad. She's helping me out.

Sonny: Okay now Selena, remember your biggest dream is to be on So Random! Chad is just a monster who wakes you up! (glares at Chad) And remember that you hate him! You just really, really hate him! (Chad glares at Sonny) Action. (walks off set)

Chad: Sonny--

Sonny: Oh and one more thing! He is the worst actor of our generation!

Chad: BART! (Bart comes out and gives Chad a megaphone) CUT! CUT! Stop the line!

Sonny: You stop the line!

Chad: You stop the line!


Sonny in the Kitchen with Dinner

Chad: You just couldn't say no to the kiss cam, could ya?

Sonny: Chad, not now.

Chad: I trusted you Sonny, OK, I trusted you to use my seats responsibly. Instead I wake up in the morning to find this [a picture of Hayden and Sonny kissing] on the cover of Tween Weekly.

Chad: Pft, pft, who is this guy?

Tawni: The love of my life!


Tawni: I DON'T KNOW!!!

Walk a Mile in My Pants

Chad: Sonny! Sonny, come here! I need to tell you something, in case I don't make it.

Sonny: Okay.

Chad: I love...

Sonny: Yes?

Chad: I mean I deeply love...

Sonny: Go on!

Chad: ...that more kids are reading less books because of Chad Dylan Cooper!

'Sonny: (lets go of Chad's hand and touches his forehead) Oh no! I think you're coming down with P.F.S. too!

Chad: What's that!?

Sonny: (picks up pillow) Pillow in the Face Syndrome! (hits Chad with pillow)

Doctor: Ms. Munroe!

Sonny: Yeah, just fluffing, Doc! (throws pillow at Chad and walks over to the doctor).


Chad: Give it to me straight, Doc. I can take it.

Doctor: You have LBS.

Chad: (gasps) Leading Boy Syndrome?!

Doctor: No, Lack of Books Syndrome. Also known as Lazy Butt Syndrome. And LBS is also the abbreviation for pounds, which is what you're going to gain if you don't stop watching yourself on TV!

Chad: No Doc! Can't you just cut my pants off, you know, how you do?

Doctor: Read 2 books and call me in the morning, Mr. Cooper.

Chad: Actually that's, that's Dylan Cooper.

Doctor: Not anymore. I removed your Dylan while you were under.

Chad: No! What did you do with it?!

Doctor: Gave it to someone who wouldn't waste it. (pulls back curtain) Good afternoon Mr. Grady Dylan Mitchell.

Grady: Just got my Dylan. Been waiting 2 years.

Chad: NO! WHY!!! (wakes up in Condor Studios Cafe with a book at the table and people giving him strange looks) Must have fallen asleep reading. Stupid books, that was horrible!

Sonny: Giving Back is what's hot.

Chad: That's what people who don't look hot say.

Falling for the Falls

Chad: So, what do you want?

Sonny: Some answers.

Chad: To what?

Sonny: To how it all ends. To how long it's going to be until you ask out the girl that you're destined to be with.

Chad: I'm not sure I can answer that.

Sonny: Aren't you in charge of your own destiny?

Chad: Uh... I guess.

Sonny: Then it's time to say enough. I mean, when
31 sonnywillyougooutwithme

Chad asking Sonny out

two people are this right for each other, there's only one thing to do!

Chad: How long have you felt this way?

Sonny: Just since yesterday. It hasn't been long, but it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Chad: I mean, I guess I feel the same way.

Sonny: Well then do something about it.

Chad: Okay, I will.

Sonny: Great!

Chad: Sonny, will you go out with me? (cue screaming from the audience)

Sonny: (completely shocked) I'm sorry. Did you just ask me out?

Chad: I'm sorry. Didn't you just beg me to?

Sonny: Wait, did you think that I was talking about... oh dear this is awkward.

Chad: Hahaha, it sure is. It sure is awkward. I mean I know why it's awkward, just want to know if you know why it's awkward?

Sonny: I was talking about MacKenzie and Chloe, but you seem to be talking about...

Chad: Yep, yep. Me too, same page. Whoo!

Sonny: Whoo-hoo.

Chad: I mean I thought that you thought that I thought it was awkward because you thought I was asking you out. You know, rather than MacKenzie asking Chloe out. Which I was.

Sonny: Yeah. But you said Sonny...

Chad: (cuts her off) Yep-ba-ba that's awkward.

Sonny: So...

Chad: So... you're a MacKenzie Falls fan now?

Sonny: Yeah!

Chad: Cool.

Sonny: Yeah.

Chad: Cool.

(awkward silence)

Chad: So I suppose that I should probably tell you that I'm a So Random! fan now.

Sonny: Really?

Chad: Yeah, but I'd be lying.

Sonny: You know, It's funny. Like I learned from MacKenzie Falls, sometimes if you look at something with an open mind, you can surprise yourself. So... yeah.

Chad: What?

Sonny: Yeah, I'll go out with you.

Chad: Good.

Sonny: Good.

Chad: So we're doing this?

Sonny: I guess so. (begins to walk away, then comes back) Oh, so I still don't know. Does MacKenzie ever ask--

Chad: (cuts her off) Ba, ba, ba! If we're gonna make this thing work, I'm gonna have to insist you never ask me about my business.

Sonny: Fine. I guess I'm gonna have to check the blogs like everybody else. (walks away)

(Part 2)

Chad: I wanted the world to know, I want you to know that I want to be seen with you, anywhere, anytime, no matter how goofy your big brown eyes make me.

Sonny: Well... I - I don't know what to say..

Chad: How about yes?

Sonny: To what?

Chad: (holds her hand) To giving our first date a second chance.

Sonny With a Secret

Sonny: This is like a bad episode of MacKenzie Falls!

Chad: (gives Sonny a pointed look)

Sonny: (quickly adds) Or a good one!

Sonny: I said no interviews!

Chad: (yells through the door) Delivery for Sonny Munroe!

Sonny: Oh, my food's here! (opens door) Chad?

Chad: You recognized me?

Sonny: There were people who didn't?

Chad: Yeah. Ryan and the other reporters. It's a zoo down there--this is the only way I could sneak up.

(they hug)

Nico: Chad, I have to say. I've always hated you for having your own plane.

Chad: But?

Nico: That's it.

Chad: I miss you, Shortstack!
Sonny: Nobody's ever done that for me. How could I not forgive you?

Chad: I missed you, Shortstack. (hugs her)

Sonny: I missed you too, egg whites with tomato on the side... Don't let them touch or else they're going back.


Chad [to mirror]: Uh! You are one pretty man! (makes a kissing face)

Chad Without a Chance

Chad: (to Sonny) You should really put some sunscreen on, I want your face to stay perfect. (smiles)

Sonny: (smiles)

Randoms: Eugghhh!

Chad: Get used to it, Randoms!