Baby Waa Waa
Baby waa waa
Sonny in costume.
Seen in "You've Got Fan Mail"
Starring Sonny Munroe

Baby Waa Waa is a sketch about a character of the same name. The sketch was mentioned in "You've Got Fan Mail". Sonny plays a baby who, when getting her poopy diaper changed, spits up on the changing table. She wears a bonnet, a diaper, and carries a large baby bottle. Her catch phrase is "Waa waa waa!" (hence the name) Tawni tries to make Sonny angry by reminding her that she has no fan mail, but Sonny says that she is way too mature to be bothered. Ironically, Sonny then goes to rehearse for the "Baby Waa Waa" sketch. As Sonny later practices her phrase, Tawni hears her and says, "Still crying about no fan mail?" Sonny is only seen in a bonnet and carrying a giant baby bottle--she is not seen in her giant baby diaper. The sketch was not seen in the show. She has also been seen wearing her bonnet while juggling her apples.