Annoying Girl
Annoying girl
Seen in "Tales From the Prop House"
Parody of "Courtney," The Amanda Show
Starring Zora Lancaster
Co Starring:
Nico Harris
Sonny Munroe
Grady Mitchell
Tawni Hart

Annoying Girl is a sketch on So Random! in the episode "Tales From the Prop House".

It's about a girl who annoys people by doing random things at inappropriate times. Her catch phrase is "I'm not annoying, you are!" The punchline of the sketch is her saying, "Geez, people can be so annoying."

In the sketch Nico and Sonny play a couple on a date at the movies, and Zora plays Annoying Girl. Her character keeps irritating Nico's character (no other person is annoyed) by making noise while the move is playing, i.e. talking loudly on her cell phone, playing tennis, chewing celery, playing the tuba, performing dentistry, which ended in the man and his date being kicked out because of talking too much about Annoying Girl.

Theme Song

Likes nails on a black-k-k-kboard or a yowling cat
Like a trash can bea-a-a-a-aten by a baseball bat
Like shattered gla-a-ass or a rabid squirrel
Nothing's more an-n-n-nnoying than Annoying Girl!
Annoying Girl!
"I'm not annoying, you are!"




  • Spoof of "Courtney" on The Amanda Show
  • This sketch gave the cast of So Random! an idea to save their own Prop House.